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Artist | Sodium

Illustration / Mural

Hong Kong

About Sodium

Sodium, an all-round artist/designer based in Hong Kong. Despite the fact that he is a fashion design graduate from London College of Fashion, he always hold his interest in mural painting and illustration. His works are greatly influenced by street culture, youth subculture as well as comic art. Human is also an essence of his artwork. Not only have his imaginary characters illustrated on paper, but also the artwork itself was applied to the real-life person, from clothing to body painting. It simply fulfills his position as an illustrator and fashion enthusiast, and also aim to give a new perspective to every individual. Moreover, he puts great effort in color study. Throughout his artwork, every stroke of colors were thoughtfully put together.

Over the years, he never stops in quest of styles and aesthetics for his art. Despite he immersed himself in his art zone, he refused to be an insular artist. He keeps his idea eclectic and unconventional, by soaking up the unique qualities of the masterpieces from numerous of art museums and exhibitions he visited across the Europe and the North America in the past few years. Interacting and bouncing ideas off different cultural background's artists is also a way to get himself inspired. He clearly know that, apart from a piece of artwork, he never wants to get his creativity and vision framed.

His client includes Dusty, 11 Westside, Patelly, Sundream Motion Pictures, Zenon and many more.

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