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Artist | Siyue Tan



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About Siyue Tan

​Siyue Tan is a young illustrator from Dalian, China. She started drawing and reading since age 6 and was deeply influenced by literatures, poetries and musicals. Siyue likes to create emotional designs and illustrations with figures and lighting. She works both traditionally and digitally. After coming to the USA, Siyue gradually fell in love with visual storytelling. The process of solving a problem with visual language is the most attractive part of design to her.

Top 5 Facts About Siyue

1. She is a left hander.

2. She spends at least one hour each day dreaming.​​

3.The first real novel She read was Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo at age 8.​

4. There are so many movies I love in this world, but I prefer anything related to food.​

5. She love buying shoes because before she came to US she could not find my size in the female

section; she has been wearing male shoes for over 5 years!


In Siyue’s work, everything is about emotion and storytelling.


2012 - 2017

B.F.A. in ILLUSTRATION, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD

Major in Illustration

Minor in Graphic Design

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