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Artist | Debi Ng

Illustration / Painting / Drawing

Hong Kong

About Debi Ng

Upon graduation from the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Debi Ng engaged herself in the work of UX design for electronic products. A lover of Japanese culture and traditional art and crafts, she also pursued studies in jewelry production and artistic enameling in Japan and Taiwan, subsequently attaining the Professional Diploma in Jewelry Design in Hong Kong. Debi has held solo shows and partaken in group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Canada.

Somehow a cat person, Debi enjoys living a free life filled with curiosity about the unknown, hence her love of traveling around and exploring new horizons. She takes great delight in painting as a way to narrate her experiences and share inspirations acquired in her own life. Varied in style, her work is characterized by the use of flamboyant colors, a boisterous atmosphere or a humorous touch to describe issues saddening or gloomy in nature. Debi has a special liking for painting portraits, animals and nature, especially on wooden boards. Recently, she has been exploring the use of mixed media in her art.


2016 (Hong Kong)

The King and I - Art Exhibition (Solo)

2015 (Canada)

Belonging - Art Exhibition (Group)

2013 (Kong Kong)

Des Montagnes Studio Joint - Art Exhibition (Group)

2012 (Hong Kong)

DEKO BOKO Goro Goro Life illustration exhibition (Solo)

2012 (Taipei, Taiwan)

DEKO BOKO Goro Goro Life illustration exhibition (Solo)

2011 (Hong Kong)

CONNECT Illustration exhibition (Group)

2009 (Kong Kong)

Des Montagnes Studio Joint- Art Exhibition (Group)

2008 (Tokyo, Japan)

HAPPY-GO-ROUND - Jewelry x Illustration exhibition (Solo)

2008 (Tokyo, Japan)

LOTS IN TOKYO - Illustration exhibition (Solo)



Textbook for Primary student - Hong Kong Educational Publishing


[Stick with DEKO BOKO] App launched for iOS

2010 - 2011

A special column - Fashion & Beauty Magazine


Sing Tao Daily, Milk Magazine, Fashion & Beauty Magazine, am730

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