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Artist | Sophia Chau


Hong Kong

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About Sophia Chau

Sophia Chau is a freelance illustrator based in HongKong. She has been drawing since she was little, and has formal training of Visual Communication from The Hong Kong Design Institute. She used to work as a graphic designer and later started to pursue her dream career of being an illustrator.

Inspired by seemingly sentimental music, the beauty of female gesture, fashion, walking through an art gallery and evening surfing the internet.​

Sophia's work captures the objects by hand-detailed pencil and later combine any possible elements like the ink, water color and digital texture through the modern techniques from Photoshop.

Artist Statement

Playing around the texture and visual combinations,color or black and white to add further sparkling effects to create a specific mood. The artist’s visual language and image making continue to innovate and evolve with each new inspiration.

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