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Artist | Ellissa


Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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About Ellissa

Ellissa is an illustrator and designer. She is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Designwith a BFA Illustration and Printmaking. She grew up in a small Pennsylvania town, where allshe liked to do was draw. She hopped from Atlanta to Savannah to France in art school, and inbetween summers, taught painting and design at Explo School in Massachusetts. Now, she livesin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she goes to a lot of museums and parks and shows anddraws everything. She loves using loose lines, odd shapes of bright color, and simple, flip-bookyanimations. Ellissa’s passions include coffee, her cat and the smell of paper. She wears a lot ofblack and grey but loves using bright colors. She wears winter sweaters all year round.

Artist Statement

My work is accessible and silly, but with an underlying intelligence and something to say. I doodle constantly, and love bringing that aesthetic into my work, similarly to silly awful kids’ drawings that somehow look exactly like you.

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