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Artist | Rose M Barron

Illustration & Painting/ Drawing

USA Atlanta

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About Rose M Barron

Rose M Barron currently works and resides in Atlanta, Georgia, she has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia, an MA in Photo Concentration from Georgia State University, and an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Photography.

Her photography/video, and mixed media art work has been exhibited in several solo exhibitions across the southeast including The Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta and Huntsville, as well as internationally at the Espacio Común in Panama City, Panama.

Rose has been awarded and completed numorous artist residencies including the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Sciences. Currently, Rose works at the Art Institute of Atlanta as an adjunct professor.

Artist Statement

I find beauty in the unexpected and in the mundane, in the unexpected pleasing. My work is influenced by the American Post Painterly Abstractionists. These drawings and photos from my Urban Abstract series are of abstracted colorings of rust and weathered paint. Commonly, they contain the same strong aesthetic qualities and fundamental formal elements. I’m using rich colors and textures to purely enhance the viewer’s visual experience. Done in an aesthetic style but also holding a conceptual meaning, I am documenting decay that occurs from abandonment and neglect. My work is evocative rather than descriptive, based on feeling, emotion or memory. I work intuitively, challenging what art is or may be. The results become almost landscape like and line work begins to embody mapping. The pieces document changes in an atypical micro-focused manner: colorful, textured and unexpectedly pleasing.



Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA Photography May 2013

Georgia State University, MA, Photo Concentration 2007 The University of Georgia, BFA Graphic Design/T4 Certification, 1994

AFFILIATIONS AND AWARDS: 2014 Photo Annual Awards 2014, (E) motions series category 2014 Beltline Public Art Artist 2014, Botanical Dwellings 2013 Photo Annual Awards 2013, (E) motions single category 2012- City of Atlanta National Artist Registry and Fulton County Artist Registry 2010 New Roots, Guest Artist and Photography/Film Instructor, New Orleans, LA 2009 Grant Candidate for the Panama Photography Pen Pals without Borders Proposal 2007 Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Nominations, Atlanta, GA 2002- IRIS/ARIADNE: International Centre for Women in Photography, Staffordshire

SELECTED COLLECTIONS and MUSEUM COLLECTIONS: Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta, Permanent Collection purchased through Massey Charitable Trust Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta, Educational/Resource Center The Four Seasons, Morocco Nashville Marriott Courtyard APG Collectors Portfolio 2005 March of Dimes Corporate Office

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