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Artist | Meredith Jones



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About Meredith Jones

Meredith Jones is an illustrator from Sugar Land, Tx. She grew up spending time around animals at the family farm and creating art projects with her grandmother. She drew on her own for years before realizing during her senior year of high school that she wanted to pursue a creative career. She then moved to Savannah, GA to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned her B.F.A in illustration with honors.

Meredith is greatly inspired by wildlife and hopes her art work will one day inspire people to take action in preserving the environment. She also has a passion for portrait illustration and is influenced by pop culture. An ultimate goal of hers is to bring joy to those who view her art.

Artist Statement

My aspiration as an illustrator is to pursue innovative ideas that instill inspiration in others and communicate my creative outlook. I have been engrossed in art since as long as I can remember. When I was eight years old my parakeet flew away, and when I got him back I was so inspired by the events that I sat down with a pencil and a piece of paper believing I could illustrate the story exactly how I envisioned it in my head. Since then, I have devoted my time to creating images that reflect the way I view the world around me. My goal is to bring awareness to the true essence of the subjects I portray.

I combine traditional and digital materials to complete my work. My primary focus is the stylization of line work and details, which I first draft in pencil, then finalize with black ink. I choose bright color palettes I believe will best compliment the subject, and finish the artwork by painting it digitally with flat color. The compositions I combined with my stylized line work generates a fluid range of movement that I believe captures the essence of charm and sophistication that is portrayed by the subject I am illustrating. The primary markets my illustrations relate to are book, editorial and advertising.

The work I create today is a reflection on how I grew up. I was attracted to bright, fun colors, and I was consistently absorbed in learning how to draw, and how to get better at it. I am interested in nature and portraiture because I enjoy the challenge of portraying the spirit and personality of each subject I illustrate. I hope to bring a sense of wonder and positivity to my audience that incorporates elements we all as humans understand and can relate to.



Savannah College of Art and Design 2012- 2016


Artistic Scholarship


Port City Review Exhibition, January 2016 Savannah, Ga

Illustration Senior Show Case, June 2016 Savannah, Ga

Has been featured by Joseph Gordon Levitt and his production company HitRecord on social media platforms.

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