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Artist | Uncle and Rainbow

Graffiti Art

Hong Kong


About Uncle and Rainbow

Uncle and Rainbow are the founders of

Afterworkshop (AWS).

Afterworkshop is formed by a group of active Street Artists who would like to exhibit their Street Art and share the culture.

Afterworkshop is combined by “after work” and “workshop”. Since Street Art is not always considered as the mainstream of art, most of the Street Artists were unable to make Street Art a living, they tend to unleash their creativity “after work” at their “workshops” in the streets when the city is calmed, hence “Afterworkshop”.

Afterworkshop,簡稱 AWS (香港塗鴉工作室),街頭藝術創作團隊。因街頭藝術一直被認定為非主流文化,大部份街頭藝術家都不能將此作為正規職業,而只能以業餘性質發展;再者,街頭藝術家多於晚間出沒,籍此創作出 ’afterwork + workshop’ 「下班後」的「工作室」 這團隊稱號。

AWS 目的為推廣街頭文化、從藝術創作到研究街頭藝術與社區的關係。


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