faminik - Kensington Gore

exhibition | 9 - 31 October 2016 venue | Black Sugar Coffee, 8 Peace avenue, Ho Man Tin opening hours | Mon - Fri 8:00 - 18:00 Sat & Sun - 10:00 - 18:00 About the Exhibition As a child faminik went to the movies regularly with his mother, and the pictures he remembers seeing most often were horrors and thrillers. This possibly explains why he grew up with a whetted appetite for budget, non-mainstream, eerie, freakish films of all kinds—films with ghosts, monsters, blood and gore, mutants and other oddities. To most people these might be ‘lousy movies’; but when in these he comes across an intriguing idea, it feels like the joy of treasure hunting and even gives him inspiration for work. To tie in with Halloween, faminik is bringing you his illustration series Kensington Gore, a reinterpretation of his favorite horror movies, to share with you some vulgar enjoyments that might not be deep but promise to be spookily funtastic. About the Artist faminik has been working as a graphic designer, whose work covers a wide range of areas from newspaper and magazine advertising to book binding and layout design. Recent years have seen him extend his work to mobile game interface design and promotional advertising design. Apart from designing, faminik also illustrates comics, novels, CD jackets and other publications. Winner of The Best Illustration (Unpublished) Award and The Best Illustration (Publication and Editorial) Award in the 2nd and 4th Greater China Illustration Awards respectively, faminik has had his works exhibited in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.



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