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About Sydney Veverka

Sydney Veverka grew up with her four siblings and parents in Saginaw, Michigan, attending school and learning her passion for the arts through the Saginaw Public School District. She spent seven years developing fine art skills under Becky Sullivan at the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy. After high school, she moved to Savannah, Georgia and this year received her BFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. There she developed her visual vocabulary of communication through drawing and design while ever-strengthening her love of arts in the community.

Sydney takes a huge influence from the environment and social issues, bringing her reoccurring illustration themes. She hopes to always design to be more sustainable and to share the arts as much as possible.

Artist Statement

Philosophy: An artist is a translator of the culture of their time and the ideas they surround themselves with. Believing the world is in current need of a sustainable revolution, I have found myself with the responsibility of being a visual communicator, speaking on behalf of environmental health and social issues. I’m the kind of designer who puts on an art exhibit in my backyard for myself and lures spectators there with hand-drawn posters, bubbles and candy, making the event an experience that the cross-cultures of my neighborhood can feel comfortable at, right alongside my professional peers and eclectic friends. Art should have no boundaries of class and I try to draw all into the world of it with fun, colorful visuals.

Process: Outdoor adventures are the best inspiration for imagery and content whether through backpacking or people watching downtown. Cartoons inspire a way to visually display my style through quirky with and silliness. My process of illustrating starts with hand-drawn imagery and usually hand-written text which is scanned, put together and colored in Photoshop with a color scheme salvaged from life. When painting I focus more on variety of shapes, blocks of color and still emphasize line and color. Dozens of handmade or found sketchbooks house countless ideas and create a library of imagery I pull from to create illustrations. Reusing materials creates a story in a product or art piece and I am helping people discover the fun in it.

Objective: If I have a niche in illustration, it’s in poster design and color. Whether making environmental posters, bike safety stickers, textile patterns or fine art prints on recycled materials, I dazzle you with color and punch you with a tagline. It is so easy these days to get information at our fingertips and my job is to create stimulating art to direct attention to and promote important ideas.

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