TIMELESS | Group Show

TIMELESS means that not affected by the passage of time and never gone. The entire series is created by three local illustrators, depicting the human indelible feelings. It expresses the conflicts, connections and compassions towards the treasured people, animals and living environment, to deliver the timeless law of nature and the exclusive humanity of emotion. Three illustrators met each other since learning illustration. Having strong passion on paintings, they jointly organize this exhibition in their tenth year of friendship anniversary. Maggie Wong is now an illustrator who is proficient in watercolor. Her paintings have a sense of tranquility, providing an illusion of space. GigiRiya, as a designer, is good at mixing the elements of fashion and illustration to depict girls and animals with bright tone and so as to portray a free-minded world. Little Cloud is an office lady actually. She is used to illustrate the interactions between people and the contradictory life, with the contrast created by dark tone and innocent characters. Hong Kongers race against the clock everyday and even sometimes neglect the important people and things surrounded. This exhibition aims to awaken everyone to cherish and care of their loved ones and to protect our living planet in the passage of time. TIMELESS是「不受時間限制」及「永不消退」的意思,整個系列由三位本地插畫師創造,描繪人類某種永不磨滅的感覺,對於珍而重之的人、動物及生存環境的互相磨合、相連及憐憫,從有限的時間帶出永恒的自然法則及人類獨有的情感。 三位插畫師於學習插圖時認識,由於彼此熱愛繪畫,大家已經湊在一起第十個年頭,並在十週年舉行聯合展覽。Maggie Wong現為插畫師,較善於水彩運用,她的作品有一份恬靜感,給予別人一種幻想的空間;GigiRiya為設計師一名,融合時尚及插畫的元素,善於以明亮調描繪少女及動物,塑造無憂無慮的世界;Little Cloud實為一名OL,常以幽暗色調及純真人物所形成的反差,滲透出人與人之間的互動及人生的種種予盾。 香港人每天與時間競賽,往往忽略身邊對自己重要的人和事,希望藉著TIMELESS畫展,喚醒每個人在流逝時間中,珍惜及關心身邊重要的人和事,以及保護我們賴以為生的地球。 Exhibition Opening: 17/07 | 16:00 - 18:30 Exhibition Period: 12/07/2016 - 31/07/2016 Opening Hour: 12:30 - 20:30 Address: Unit S401, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, HK



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