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Graffiti Art / Mural

Hong Kong / Shanghai


Illustrator and visual artist, Ton Mak, is best known for her simple trademark of flabby creatures. Ton began creating various characters and narratives after graduating from University College London as an Anthropology student. Tying together her love for art, ethnography and story-telling, Flabjacks are often visual representations of real people, in real moments. Currently, she resides between Hong Kong and Shanghai.

- Introducing Puff Ville - a story by FLABJACKS

Puff Ville is a natural dough habitat, domesticated by Puffies, a tribe of wonderfully chubby creatures living in the wild. They live in union, but celebrate differences. In the wonderland, puffies roam wild and free by the mountains, embarking on new adventures everyday. They live freely and passionately, all about good happy vibes. Often, we find they are quite similar to ourselves afterall.

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