Relationships|Hernokes Amon

《Relationships|Hernokes Amon× Locoloco|An Solo Illusstration Exhibition》

EXHIBITION PERIOD: 2 July - 2 Aug OPENING HOUR: Weekdays 13:00 - 21:00 Weekends 14:00 - 22:00 ADDRESS: LocoLoco 3K Po Foo Building, 1-5 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay OPENING PARTY: 2 July 7pm-10pm Admission Fee: 30hkd (Candy Bar and Drinks are included) Dress code: black or purple ABOUT THE EXHIBITION In European Culture, black wedding gown is the icon of fidelity, represents that the love from the bride to the groom never dies. Amongst all the relationships, marriage is the most subtle one because it is about two floating persons commits to be loyal for each other. Hernokes, in a black wedding gown, believe that relationships are something mysterious with a mystery. Sweet and fine, it can be a relationship. Jealousy and hatred, it still can be a relationship. Some relationships are praised while others are criticized and denounced. Friendship, teachers and students, heterosexuality, homosexuality, sex partner, brothers, parent-child, deities, generations, normal and “abnormal”...there so many differentiated relationships, but who has the right to define? ABOUT THE ARTIST Hernokes Amon Impressing by Greek Mythology, Hernokes hoped to travel the Aegean Sea with Hermes. Have typical personalities of Gemini: not only a picky artist but also an extraversion social person. Love to imagine and much love to visualise imagination; fascinated in dancing and painting, insist to roar for the speechless with these media. Started to learn painting from the Contemporary Artist, Sir Eric Ng since 9, and was chosen to participate in the international children’s painting contest Egypt in My Eyes at her 11. Besides, she presented in joint exhibitions Once Art Gallery, Love is…, Go, Go! Go for Your Dream and the solo exhibition Words Fail Art Speaks.

《展覽簡介》 在歐洲文化裏,黑色婚紗代表忠誠,代表着新娘對新郎的愛將至死不渝。 眾多關係中,婚姻可算是最微妙的。因為兩個流動性最高人許下了最固定的承諾。穿着黑色婚紗的海諾認為,關係是一種很玄的東西。 甜蜜的、美好的可以是關係,妒忌、恨惡也是關係。 有些關係被褒揚,也有些被批鬥。 朋友、師生、異性戀人、同性戀人、性伴侶、兄弟、父母親子、人和神、上一代跟下一代、正常人和“非主流”……世上有很多很多關係,但應該由誰來定義? 《藝術家簡介》 海諾 迷戀希臘神話,盼與赫耳墨斯暢遊愛琴海畔。有着典型的雙子座性格:一方面是脾氣乖戾的藝術家,另一方面是活潑明朗的社交家。喜歡想像,更喜歡把幻想視像化;醉心舞蹈和畫畫,堅持要用這兩種媒介為被滅聲的一群小眾咆哮。 自9歲開始跟隨吳運忠 Eric老師習畫,11歲獲選為香港出賽國際性的兒童繪畫比賽《我眼中的埃及》。其後,曾參與聯展《Once Art Gallery》、《Love is…》、《Go, Go! Go for Your Dream》、個展《Words Fail Art Speaks》。

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