12 apostles : The Orange Hat Goes Fancy Free

12 apostles [#2 Amimi Cheng : The Orange Hat Goes Fancy Free]

Amimi, the girl in her signature orange hat, is the central character in this exhibition. The artist’s namesake, Amimi loves roaming in a world that alternates between dreams and reality. In the company of her curious animal chums, the equally inquisitive heroine sets out on unusual journeys of exploration into the world in Amimi Cheng’s handsome and poetic illustrations.

#2 Amimi Cheng 《橙帽子的隨想》 Amimi筆下的橙帽子女孩呀米米,喜愛遊走於夢想和現實之間,常與她的動物摯友,懷著滿心好奇,結伴探索世界每個角落。今次展出的插畫作品,紀錄了他們一段段非凡旅程中的所感所思。

exhibition | 4 June - 29 June 2016 venue | Black Sugar Coffee, 8 Peace Avenue, Ho Man Tin opening hours | Mon - Fri 8:00-18:00 Sat & Sun - 10:00-18:00



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