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Artist | Jason Kam



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About Jason Kam

I don't love art. I live art. Art is a way of seeing and experiencing. So I don't only paint or print, I also explore all kinds of materials. From digital media to collaborative art, I seek sophistication and reduction to amplify the impact of my idea.

Artist Statement

My abstract pieces are related to how artists digest the world they see, and represent it by their expression through creating art.

The gestural marks are framing the disintegrated “reality (photograph)”, limiting our vision.



Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

B.F.A. in Painting (Savannah, G.A. and Hong Kong)


Solo Exhibitions

Art-it at Bibo, Hong Kong Contemporary Art 2016

Community Exhibitions

Design Hope Art Show, St. Andrew’s Savannah 2015

Convo Club Art Exposition, Late Church Savannah 2015

SCAD Exhibitions

Open Studio, Alexander Hall, SCAD Savannah 2014,2015

Bridge Show, Alexander Hall, SCAD Savannah 2014

DeFine Student Showcase, Alexander Hall, SCAD Savannah 2015

Alexander Ink, Alexander Hall, SCAD Savannah 2015

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