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About Yawn Studio

Mads Westendahl is the founder of Yawn Studio.

"Born and raised in the heartland of Scandinavian design: Copenhagen, Denmark, I have built a profound appreciation of beautifully functional design and excellent craftsmanship from the environment around.

Two of my passions in life are creative entrepreneurship and Asian culture. Throughout my studies, I decided to explore China via travels and internships in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, the journey sparked my appreciation for this amazing country and the land beyond. While broadening the understanding of my own culture and identity, the exposure to the East enabled me to better capture the nuances often critically present in cross-cultural business development.

My previous research experience have provided me with a sound understanding of various analytic tools in relation to general economic and business concepts. Having developed a furniture business on my own has given me an insight into the history and the potential of modern Danish furniture. Also, I learned to recognize what buttons to push in order to create buzz and to generate sales.

Fundamentally, I believe in the genuine attitude of being service-minded, and theimportance to listen and to interpret the needs of clients with creative profitable solutions."


・Founder/ Creative Director of YAWN STUDIO

・Co-founder ROOMWERK (furniture distribution agency in HK)

・Brand Manager APAC for MENU (Danish homeware/furniture brand)

・Co-founder DANSK (2 furniture shops in Copenhagen)

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