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Artist | Blessy Man

Painting / Drawing

Hong Kong

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About Blessy Man

Blessy Man (b. 1993, Hong Kong) is a multidisciplinary artist and known for her playful passages of ephemeral space and elusive subjects, depicts the scenery transition from one to another. She studied art in both Hong Kong and Savannah SCAD campus, and acquired her B.F.A. degree in spring 2015. With a background in music and earlier focus on percussion, Man began to resemble the melody and movement in her pieces.

In her work musical theories are relationships of staccato to harmony translating from sound to paint.




・Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Painting, Savannah College of Art and Design


・Feed You Nerves, Innate Echoes II, Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong 

・The University Museum and Art Gallery, Senses/而立, Hong Kong
 ・Gutstein Gallery, Small Works, Savannah, GA ・Alexander Hall, Open Studio, Savannah, GA
 ・Encounters 11, Trickling, commissioned art project showcase in K11 and sponsored by 3Doodler, Hong Kong
 ・Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard, Innate Echoes, Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong
 ・Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, "Botanicals" 2015 Show, Online ・Alexander Hall, Alexander Ink 2015, Savannah, GA ・Ground Floor Gallery, You've Got Mail!, New York City, NY ・Alexander Hall, Senior B.F.A. Painting Exhibition, Savannah, GA
 ・Ko Shan Theatre, 292 SFA Graduates' Showcase, Hong Kong
 ・Alexander Hall Gallery, Far From Home, Savannah, GA ・BxArts Factory, 12”x 12” 1st BxArts Factory’s Fundraising Exhibition, New York City, NY ・Consumer Electronics Show, showcased Notre Dame 3Doodler, CES 2015, Las Vegas, NV

・The Photocrafters, the collaborative project supported by HOLGA – The Photocrafters and Ocean Park, Hong Kong ・Savannah College of Art and Design, deFINE ART 2014 - Open Studio, Hong Kong 

・Galerie Perrotin, FIRST TAKE, Hong Kong

Press / Publications: 2015 Book Cover of What Will You Create? Drawing with the 3Doodler 2015 CICA Art Yellow Book 2015 Featured in Milk Magazine ISSUE 724 
2015 Featured in ISSUU online
 2014 SCAD Hong Kong Survival Guide
 2014 30th Anniversary Commemoration Publication of the May Ching Symphony Orchestra
 2013 Survival in Hong Kong For SCADEES 
2013 SCAD Hong Kong Eating Guide

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