comiX eXchange — Comics X Cross-media Creation Exhibition Series VI

comiX eXchange — Comics X Cross-media Creation Exhibition Series VI

Taking Comix Home Base as a testing ground, local comics artists and artists specialised in other medium are now working hand in hand to present comiX eXchange, a series of six cross-media and cross-exchange exhibitions. Applying the mechanism of putting together "Experienced Artist x Emerging Artist" and "Comics Artist X Artist of Other Media", this exhibition series involves six groups of artists in total. Each of these groups creates collaborative works that explore the potential of comics, offering audience an entirely new "comics reading" experience. Presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Comix Home Base under the sponsorship of Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, comiX eXchange not only enables artists from different disciplines and backgrounds come together and collaborate, but also calls for public participation. In addition to exhibitions, there will be master classes and workshops in which artists share their works and experiences. People interested in joining the creative profession are invited to take part and experiment with the multiplying effect of creative crossover.

In the blink of an eye comiX eXchange has come to its last round, this time featuring social media comics artist Cuson Lo and animation director Wong Ping, whose give-and-take promises us a seriously playful and playfully serious cross-media exhibition. Divided into four sections, the exhibition showcases three-dimensional exhibits, a retrospective collection of individual works, political satires, and a collaborative animation – all of which demonstrate Cuson and Wong Ping's seamless integration of popular art and current affairs as well as social issues. Society changes with each passing day. With the two artists taking audience to survey their daily creations, the finale of comiX eXchange hopes to raise public awareness of everyday happenings.

Presenters: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base Leading Sponsor: Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Participating artists: Cuson LO, WONG Ping

comiX eXchange — 漫畫X跨媒介創意展覽系列六

本地漫畫家與其他藝術媒介的創作人攜手合作,以動漫基地為試驗場,開展一連六場跨媒體、跨資歷的《comiX eXchange》展覽系列。系列以「資深創作人 X 新晉創作人」及「漫畫 X 其他藝術媒介」為組合機制,把參展創作人配對成六組,各組分別以「漫畫 X 跨媒介創意」的作品,創造新的漫畫「閱讀」經驗。 由香港藝術中心及動漫基地主辦、香港特別行政區政府「創意香港」贊助的《comiX eXchange》,一方面讓不同閱歷及創作範疇的藝術家交流切磋,同時廣邀公眾一起參與。展覽期間設有大師班及工作坊,由藝術家分享及傳授試驗的心得及成果,更邀請有志投身創作的人士參加,一同實驗創意的聯乘效應。 《comiX eXchange》轉眼來到最後一場,社交網絡漫畫代表咳神(Cuson)對上動畫新潮導演黃炳,你來我往、帶來一次玩味中帶嚴肅、嚴肅中帶玩味的跨媒體創作。展覽分四個部份,包括立體展品、個人作品重溫、政治主題展間,還有重頭戲動畫作品:咳神及黃炳將玩無縫接梗,無限延伸再展開各種社會時事民生議題。

時代日新月異,《comiX eXchange》完結場由兩位創作人帶領觀眾檢視日常搞作,開發生活觸覺。

主辦:香港藝術中心、動漫基地 主要贊助︰香港特別行政區政府「創意香港」 參與藝術家︰咳神、黃炳

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