The Imaginary Order | Group show ft. Cheng TingTing, Andrew LUK and YIP Kin Bon

The Imaginary Order 15 January – 5 March 2016 Opening Friday, 15 January 2016, 6 – 9 pm Gallery EXIT 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan,Aberdeen, Hong Kong Hours: Tue - Sat, 11 am – 6 pm *Guided Tour starts at 7 pm with artists present at the exhibition opening Gallery EXIT is pleased to announce The Imaginary Order, a group exhibition featuring works by CHEN Ting Ting, Andrew LUK and YIP Kin Bon. The works presented relate to each artist’s exploration of memory and the physicality of the outer world in response to the paradoxical relationship between self, imagination and reality. CHENG Ting Ting continuously demonstrates her strong attachment to the outlandish colours and the random occurrence in daily life. In CHENG’s new artwork series, Fountain Hall, she unfolds her memory with her mother visiting a park and gazing at the same fountain everyday. Despite the seemingly endless flowing water, CHENG perceives such scene as a still image being unaffected by time. Extending from this visual experince, CHENG aspires to capture the fleeting serenity and re-present the eternally static water. Andrew LUK investigates the physicality of materials with the passage of time. LUK collects objects in the abandon places and repeatedly experiments on them, resulting in the abstract forms of collage, painting and installation. His napalm paintings series adopts a radical approach by igniting the homemade napalm on copper plates. A new material order is generated and the artworks encapsulate the transitory time and space once existed. YIP Kin Bon constructs a semi-fictional identity for his new artwork series: an incompetent archivist. Artist points out, “An archivist fails to perfectly preserve the original form of the documents. During the collection process, besides manually removing parts of the textual and visual content, the archivist also pushes the filing cabinet over.” YIP’s daily works of gathering, comprehending, sorting and integrating diverse documents coincidentally resemble an archivist’s duties. Nevertheless, the elimination of texts and images superimposes the incompetent archivist on the distinctive visual elements, highlighting the imbalance and absurdity in reality. The Imaginary Order 2016年1月15日至3月5日 開幕: 1月15日 (星期五) 下午6時至9時 地點: 安全口畫廊 香港香港仔田灣興和街25號大生工業大廈3樓 辦公時間: 星期二至六 上午11時至下午6時 *藝術家展覽導賞於開幕當日晚上7時開始 安全口畫廊呈獻與香港三位新晉藝術家首次合作群展The Imaginary Order。參展藝術家包括鄭婷婷,陸浩明以及葉建邦。 《The Imaginary Order》中所展出的作品,主題均與回憶的探索及外在世界的物質有所關連。三位藝術家透過作品展出他們所創造出的秩序,以回應自身、想像及現實之間的吊詭關係。 鄭婷婷繼續以奇異的色彩描繪日常生活中隨機發生的事物。鄭氏的新作系列《噴泉廳》以自身的回憶為主題,呈現過往與母親每天到公園凝視著同一個噴水池的記憶。縱使噴水池看似無盡的重複着,對藝術家而言,卻是一幅靜止的影像、不受時間影響的情景。從這視覺經驗延伸,鄭氏希望捕捉到那轉瞬即逝的靜謐及重現那種彷彿靜止至永恆的水。 陸浩明受着物質隨時間而變化的過程所吸引。於被遺棄的地方收集物品後,藝術家反覆以實驗性的方式處理這些物件,衍生出一系列抽象的拼貼、圖畫及裝置藝術。陸氏的汽油畫作系列利用特別的處理手法,在銅板上燃起自製的凝固汽油,創造出新的物質形態,使作品記錄着那曾經出現,卻已消逝的時間和空間。 葉建邦為新作系列建構出一個半虛擬的身份 - 失職檔案員。藝術家指出:「檔案員未有將文獻的原貌好好保存。在進行蒐集的過程中,手動刪除部分文本和圖像內容, 又將文件櫃推倒。」葉氏創作過程中的蒐集,閱讀,分類,梳理及整合等常態與檔案員不謀而合。然而,將文本和圖像刪走,卻造就了這名失職「檔案員」重置在不同的視覺元素,突顯現實中的失衡與荒謬。

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