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Artist | Ho Kwun Ting

Installation/ Sculpture

Hong Kong

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About Ho Kwun Ting

Ho born in 1988 in Hong Kong. Ho studied in United Kingdom for five years, he then returned to Hong Kong and received a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013.

HO’s creation tends to draw daily life objects or images of memory with black outline. HO recently attempts to apply a Gongbi drawing style on sculpting creation that to sculpt the outlines of the object in the 3-dimensional space. HO creates an ethereal form and a mood of losing for the objects that to conjure the old missing memories of belief and imagination. His works tend to inform daily experiences and social matters.

Ho’s art works have been exhibited in Art galleries, non-governmental organizations and at university. He has been awarded several arts and design awards such as Y.S. Mok 3-Dimension Creative Award, Culture Corner Art Academy Fine Arts Award and the Sustainable Design Award (The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development), before graduating. Many of Ho's works are now owned by private collectors.



何氏作品曾於本地展覽展出,例如: 私人畫廊、非政府藝術組織及協會、大學。並獲得數項藝術及設計獎項,包括:莫氏立體創作奬、文苑藝術創作獎、可持續設計獎(The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development)。作品多為私人收藏。


Born in 1988, Hong Kong


2013 Fine Arts(BA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2010 Visual Arts(AD), Hong Kong Baptist University

2003-08 Study in Britain


2013 Y.S. Mok 3-Dimension Creative Award)

2012 Culture Corner Art Academy Fine Arts Award)

2007 The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development - Sustainable Design Award



・Being and Inking – Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016), Redtory, GuangZhou China


・Hong Kong Guangzhou Macao Taiwan Inter-City Sculpture Exchange Exhinition2015, Hong Kong

・A LEGACY OF INK: LUI SHOU-KWAN 40 YEARS ON》exhibition, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

・《Chinese Lines》Amsterdam Art Exhibition of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Fine Arts Department Alumni Association 2015, Dokazaal, Netherland

・Affordable Art Fair 2015 - YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong

・《In Conversations with 100 Local Artists》Joint Exhibition, YY9 Gallery


・《The Circle of ___》Detour 2014 x MobArt, Hong Kong PMQ

・《Visions to the future》Joint Exhibition, The Rotunda, Exchange Sqaure, Central, Hong Kong


・《Embrace Our Culture Empower Our Future - CUHK Alumni Art Exhibition》 Joint Exhibition,

Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Central Library

・《Cloud 9》Joint Exhibition, EC Gallery

・《Resume is best kept short》 Graduate Exhibition, Art Museum, Central Campus, CUHK

・《Anti-Sexual Violence Multi-media Arts Project and Exhibition》 Joint Exhibition, Tung Wah College and City University of Hong Kong

・《<Solo>: Yip | Shum | Ho | Hung》 Joint Exhibition, Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK


《Joint Exhibition of Chan Sui Ying, Zaffer and Ho Kwun Ting》, New Asia Library, CUHK

・《The Art of CUHK2012》 Annual Exhibition, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia college


・《Yau Ma Tei Cultural Celebration》Public Art Ehibition, Yau Ma Tei


Private collections in Hong Kong SAR

生於1988年, 香港


2013 香港中文大學藝術學士

2010 香港浸會大學副學士(視覺藝術)

2003-08 英國留學


2013 榮獲香港中文大學藝術系展 - 莫氏立體創作奬

2012 榮獲香港中文大學藝術系展 - 文苑藝術創作獎

2007 The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development - Sustainable Design Award



天下 • 往来——当代水墨文献展(2001-2016),紅磚廠, 中國廣州


兩岸四地(港、穗、澳、台) 雕塑交流展覽,香港


《中國線條》香港中文大學藝術系系友會二零一五阿姆斯特丹作品展, 阿姆斯特丹 , 荷蘭

Affordable Art Fair 2015, YY9 Gallery,香港

《In Conversations with 100 Local Artists》YY9畫廊,柴灣


《The Circle of ___》Detour 2014 x 遊藝,元創方,香港

《展· 望》置地公司與香港中文大學文物館館友會,中環交易廣場中央大廳,香港



《Cloud 9》畢業生作品聯展,EC Gallery,香港


Anti-480反性暴力資源中心 - 反性騷擾多媒體藝術計劃及巡迴展,香港東華學院; 香港城市大學

《個展》: 葉漪嘉 | 沈軍翰 | 何冠廷 | 熊輝,新亞書院許氏文化館


《水日十月》 水墨裝置聯展,新亞書院錢穆圖書館

《中大藝術 2013》 年度展,新亞書院誠明館


《油蔴地文化藝遊》 公共藝術裝置展覽,油蔴地



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