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Artist | Choi Tae Hoon

Installation/ Sculpture


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About Choi Tae Hoon

Choi Tae Hoon born in 1965 is part of Korea's rapidly developingcontemporary art scene which is now beginning to have greater international exposure. Having pursued his Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A and M.F.A) at Kyung-Hee University in Seoul, he has redefined the elements of sculptural works. Aspects of his life is reflected and embedded onto each sculpture that he has crafted. One of his debut installations in Vancouver Biennale showing his work 'Skin of Time' has amazed the audience by the details of the texture created. 'Skin of Time' is a tree that represents aspects of his life and he has attached and embedded messages and memories related to his personal life on the skin or the bark of the tree.

In making a collage of time that has passed into an organic form, Choi uses plasma torching technique where he cuts and welds not only the stainless steel plates but also, the accumulative nature of time. The incalculable numbers of tiny holes on the surface of his sculptures reveal the intensity and intention that the artist has tried to create on the material to create an unruly nature of the property of the material.

The collage of times becomes an organic form. Using plasma torching technique, the artist cuts and welds not only the stainless steel plates but also the accumulative nature of times. The incalculable numbers of the tiny holes on the surface of the work reveal intensity between the artist's intention and the unruly nature of the material. Choi Tae Hoo has participated in numerous international solo and group Biennale shows in Asia,Europe and the United States. He was awarded as the Artist of the Year in 2012and in 2006 by different shows.


□ Education

M.F.A Kyung-Hee Univ. Seoul Korea (1998)

B.F.A Kyung-Hee Univ. Seoul Korea (1994)

Cite Internationale des Arts Residency Program (Paris, France)

Vermont Studio Residency Program (USA)

Visiting Professor of Northeast Normal University (Chang-chun, China)

Lecturer of Joon-Ang University

Kumho Art Studio

Jang Heung Atelier

□ Prize

2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition 3rd prize (Qingdao, China)

2012 Wuhu Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition (wuhu,china)

2012 Artist of the year 2012, Misulsegye (Sculpture part)

Artist of the Year 2006, Kim Jong Young Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

Chungdu Biennale, Chungdu, China

'96 Donga Art Prize' of Donga Art Fair

'91 The Youth Art Fair'

'Special Prize' at the 3rd MBC Figurative Sculpture Fair

'Special Prize¡¯ at the 4th MBC Figurative Sculpture Fair

'Excellent Prize' of the Youth Art Fair

□ Solo Exhibition

2014 'TaeHoon-Dyeon' -

2013 'Both Sides’ - Zhengzhou, China

2012 'The flower looks as my elder sister' - Gong art space, Korea

2012 ‘Invisible Man' - Gallery Jireh, Paju, Korea

2009 'Dual Skin Project' - Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2007 'Skin of Time' - Gallery Touch Art, Gyeong-Gi Do

2006 'Galaxy' - Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Museum,Seoul, Korea

2005 'Gold Line' - Cite International des Arts, Paris, France

2004 'Wall Sculpture' - Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea

2003 'Iron Age Stories' - Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2002 'Small But Great' - Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea

2000 'Aesthetics of Slowness' - Moran Museum of Art, Korea

1998 'Freedom from the Existential Pain' - GANA Art, Seoul, Korea

□ Group Exhibition


Hands Across the Water - Baik Art Residency (Baik Art, USA)

Hands Across the Water - Baik Art Residency (Gallery Nori, Jeju Island)

2014 Palm Spring Art Fair (Baik Art, USA)

The 2nd anniversary “Bliss Time” (Yangpyeong Art Museum, Korea)

‘Metal Works-today’ (KimJongYoung Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)


KIAF 2013 (Baik Art, Coex, Seoul)

‘Power, where does the beauty lie?’ (SOMA museum, Seoul)

Houston Art Fair (Baik Art, USA)

Commemorating woman chosun’s 29th edition (Seoul, Book-Chon)

‘Daily Life in the Universe’ (Busan Art Museum)

Exhibition of Professors of Chung-Ang Uni.

Palm Spring art fair (AndrewShire Gallery, California, USA)


The Korean people artist federation Fundraising Exhibition (Ara Art center)

Wuhu Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition

Pohang Steel art Festival

ChangWon Scultpure biennale

Unfaimilar Forest (GANA Gallery)

SOFA (Seoul Open Art Fair)

'Temporal Being' (Edwin's Gallery 2FI, Jakarta)

The trend exhibition of modern field sculpture in hantan river

Reflection (Moran Museum)

K-Sculpture in Italy (Santiagostino Museum, Italy)

International Sculpture Festa 2012 - Sculpture is Fun (Seoul Art Center)

Scales of Dragon (Gongpyeng Gallery)

India Art Fair (India)

Edwin Gallery (Indonesia, Jakarta)


Vancouver Biennale 2009-2011

The 4th Korea-Japan Exhibition of Reconciliation & Harmony - The K Gallery

Poster!Poster! - Interalia

Gift & Party - Pusan Lotte Gallery

Illusion of Lights - Armway Gallery

Moving Art Valley Project (Nampo Gallery)

Smartly 3D (ARTISDE Gallery)

C. Eye (Korea Ceramic Foundation)

International Sculpture Festa 2011 (Hangaram Art Museum)

IN 脈 (Gallery Jireh)

Earth, Iron and Glass (Kring)



利涉大川 - Icheon Art Center

The Seoul Art Exhibition 2010 (Seoul Museum of Art)

Unfamiliar Time, Familiar Space (Interalia Art Company)

Korea Tomorrow (Setec)

Him of Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art)

Show Handarty Fair (Hillstate Gallery, Urah & Partners)

Living Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

Yaita-Ecology International Sculpture Exhibition (Japan)

Black & White (Lee Yoon Soo Gallery)

Lifescape in Art (Pohang Museum of Steel Art)

Bang (Shinhan Arthall, Sol beach Gallery, Art n' Company)

Vancouver Biennale (Vancouver, Canada)


steel, soil and glass (KOSA Space)

Seongnam Open Air Sculpture Festival (Tan River)

廣場遊戱 (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art)

DIY Universe, 10 Years After Version 5 (Daejeon Museum of Art)

Mad for Furniture (Nefs Space)

KIAF (Gallery Artside)

A Sense of Timing (Kring)

Korean Eye - Moon Generation (The Saatchi gallery, London, UK)

Nefs Masterpiece 2009 (The Classic)

The Scenery in Memory (Sol Beach Gallery)

International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon

新花鳥圖 (Interalia Art Company)

CLIO Cosmetic Jam (Insa Art Center)

The Gait of A Bull (Jang Eun Sun Gallery)


KOAS (Insa Art Center)

Pride of Iron (Seoul Cultural Assets)

Inevitable Cloud (Yangpyeong Project)

Voyage Without Boundaries (Busan Biennale)

Living Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

Bridge Art Fair (NY, USA)

Space Explorer (Beijing, China)

3+3 (Cube, Seoul)

The 11th Icheon International Sculpture symposium (Woljeon Museum)


The Edge of Sensation (Gallery Simon)

Art &Park (Sungnam Art Center)

Three Companions (Manace Art Center)

KIAF 2007 (Coex, Seoul)

Sanghai International Art Fair (Snaghai, China)

2000 Sculpture + Mcc (Modern Culture Center)

Sound if Mind (Shin Museum of Art

Lines in Space, Gyeonggi-do Museum, Korea

Pure Mass, Seoul Plaza, Korea

The Room, Gallery Velvet


Friend Of Kumho, Kumho Museum, Korea

10 Years After, COEX in seoul, Korea

Soft Landing(BMW), Cais Gallery in Souel, Korea

Time of Life, The Face of Time, Seongnam art center

The Meeting of Fountain and Sculpture, Seol Bong Park

Light Exposition, Shenyang, China

Three Companions for Life, Bukchon art Museum

Taehoon Choi + Jaehyo Lee, EBS, Seoul, Korea


Cite Internationale des Arts Exposition, Paris, France

Vermont Studio Residency Program Exhibition, U.S.A.

NY Art Fair, New York, U.S.A.

Very Successful, Art Center, Kookmin University, Kroea

Moran Artists, Moran Art Museum, Korea

24 Artists & Critics, Geonggi Culture Foundation, Korea

The Collection of Busan Museum of Modern Art, Korea

Composition and Center, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

Melting Zone, Gallery Da Vinci, Seoul, Korea


Museum Autumn Excursion, Seoul Museum of Modern Art

China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China

Sea and See, Taejongdae, Busan, Korea

Project Imjingang, Imjin River, Korea

Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea

China International Art Salon, Beijing, China

'2004 Outdoor Project Festival,' The Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul

In the Line of Life and Death, Moran Art Museum, Korea

Artists are Magicians, Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea

Fund-raising Show for Suh-Hee Statue, Icheon Culture Center


International Sculpture Exhibition, Guilin Yuzi Paradise, Guilin, China

Art Bench Project, Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea

Forty's Power, Moro Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Dong River's Modern Artist, Art Center, Yeongwol, Korea

Art Bench Model Project, Gallery Artside, Korea

Assemblage and Vision, Johyeng Gallery, Korea


International Environmental Art Forum, Seoul Art Center

Korea International Art Fair, Bexco, Busan

Korean Contemporary Art-Expression of the time, Seoul Arts Center

Invitation Exhibition of Donga Art Prize Awardees

Variations on the theme of cross, Suwon Art Center, Milal School, Korea

The Sculpture ceremony in commemoration of Worldcup, Seoul Art Center, Korea

Kyeng Hee univ's 16th anniversary exhibition, Insa Art Plaza

Wang San International Art Symposium, Wangsan Art Center


4th Ichon International Sculpture Symposiums

Invitational Artist, Gonggiam Sculpture Park

Inaugural Exhibition of Museum of Kyunggi Cultural Foundation

Inaugural Exhibition of Gallery Wing, Gallery Wing

Invitational Artist, Yeoju Ceramic Festival

Horro, Moro Gallery, Mok-am Art Museum

Mordern Artist Invitation, MBC

Invitational Exhibition of Korea Sculpture Prize Awardees, Baeksang Gallery

Gallery Lamer Exhibition, Gallery Lamer


Gwangju Biennale - The Special Exhibition

Invitational Exhibition of Donga Art Prize Awardees, National Museum of Contemporary


Dreams for the New Millennium - Flag Exhibition, National Theater

Sansuyoo Art Prize, Icheon, Korea


20th Anniversary Exhibition of Donga Art Festival (Ilmin gallery)

Moran Sculpture Fair, Moran Museum of Art

'Spirit of Earth and Fire', Icheon Municipal Museum

Gallery Jongro Art Opening Invitation, Gallery Jongro Art

50th Birth of Kyeng Hee University, Jongro Gallery

Figurative Sculpture Group of Korea, Educational Culture Center


Lake Daechung International Environment & Sculpture Symposium (Lake Daechung,


Art Associate Exhibition (MMCA, Korea)

Figurative Sculpture Group of Korea

Exhibition of 7 Modern Standard Artist (Sung-Bo Gallery)


Breath of the Korean Race in History (Seoul Museum of Art)

Dong-A Art Festival (MMCA, Korea)

Invitation of 100 Modern Artist (MBC)

Figurative Sculpture Group of Korea (Una Gallery)


Breath of the Korean Race in History (Munye Theater)

Asia contemporary Art Fair (Seoul Museum of Art)

Mokwoo Competition (MMCA, Korea)


Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition (Seoul Press Center)

MBC Figurative Sculpture Fair (Seoul Art Center)

'Mokwoo' Associate Exhibition (MMCA, Korea)


Korean Fine Art Grand Fair (MMCA, Korea)

MBC Figurative Sculpture Fair (Seoul Art Center)

Invitation of The Youth Art Fair Prize Awardees (Youth Art Museum)


'The Youth Art Fair' (Seoul Art Center)

Korean Fine Art Grand Fair (MMCA, Korea)

□ Collections

National Museum of Contemporary Art, BMoMA, Ordos Art Museum(Mongolia),