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Artist | Colin Lau


Hong Kong

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About Colin Lau

Colin Lau’s photographs have been dealing with city development, memories, and his personal journey in Asia, Europe and the States since 2010. Born and raised in Hong Kong, a city that has a fast pace in changing the urban environment. As a citizen who is part of the city and experience the changes, He decided to pick up the camera and capture the diminishing time. This also led to his interest in fading memories surrounded. He believes photography is about relishing the prospect of pressing the shutter after experiencing the act of living. As the director Ang Lee said in the Oscar Awards ceremony, “All of life is an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say good bye.” Photography is an act of learning how to say goodbye.




BFA in Photography Savannah

College of Art and Design



Group Show | SCAD Vernissage | Lacoste, France


Group Show | 19th Annual Bridge Exhibition | Savannah,

GA Group Show | Freedom | Tokyo, Japan

Group Show | In the Circle of _ | Hong Kong




Photographs were selected as hundreds emerging young

artist across Asia

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