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Artist | Peter Ng

Illustration / Video Art

Hong Kong


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About Peter Ng



現職插畫師及香港插畫師協會會長 2016-2017。動畫作品《三文魚先生》及《蒲公英》分別獲第三屆及第七屆香港獨立短片及錄像比賽動畫組金獎及銀獎。2000年參與香港商業電台節目《芝see菇bi Family》,為廣播劇中故事角色「苦榮」和「小苦妹」設定卡通造型。最近獲邀參與《翼動漫花筒──香港漫畫歷史》委約計劃,將經典的香港漫畫作品∕人物以動畫形式再呈現, 向原作人王司馬《牛仔》致敬,作品為《影子戲》。之後共亦為多個單位,包括香港匯豐銀行、維他奶國際集團、積金局、香港郵政、Hong Kong Police Force、衛生署、可口可樂、SONY、RTHK、 LEVI'S及KIRIN(麒麟啤酒)等作插畫x動畫x角色設計。



Ng Seung-ho, Peter

Ng is currently an illustrator. His animation Mr Salmon and Dandelion were respectively winners of the 3rd ifva Animation Category Gold Award and the 7th ifva Animation Category Silver Award. In 2000, he designed the characters Fu Wing and Siu Fu Mui for the Commercial Radio, G C Goo-Bi Family. The family has since grown into one with more than twenty characters and has released a series of tie-ins such as comics, MTV and action figures.




1.Character Design

2. Animation

3.Video Production

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