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Hong Kong

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About Brain Rental

Brainrental is a group of 3 based out of Hong Kong experimenting here and there, taking influences from the absurd modern city life. Artists who cross and blend humor with commentary, Brainrental helps create curiosity and a little bit of wonder for all to ponder.

Brainrental’s creations include illustration, mural, lifestyle product and “illustrative objects”.


Brainrental-Lab's first show - Ordinary Behavior sets the tone all in black, white and grey, from plane to stereoscopic, simple lines constitute an integrated delicate piece, ordinary paper cardboards build up to create structural spaces. Through different forms and sizes of illustrative objects, Brainrental-Lab explores and expresses the uncanny relationship between human and technology in an everyday context. They seek to detach the audience from the real world for a little while, provide them with a space to ponder the way they think about the relationship between human and technology in a more conscious way.

"Ordinary Behavior" is Brainrental-Lab's first project that started early in 2013. In this era, life and technology seem to have become indivisible. We need technology, we live with technology. We watch it grow, we foster and accelerate its growth. Despite of the fact that human and technology are very closely connected, at the same time, feelings of strangeness and isolation are conceived, maybe unknowingly. When you pause for a while and think, you may find yourself unable to stifle a laugh, for how artificial life has become.


Brainrental-Lab was founded by a group of 3 in 2012. They are inclined to channel the impact of the absurdities in contemporary city life into inspiration for their experiments and creations. All 3 of them majored in Industrial and Product Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They are passionate about art, illustration, design - from two-dimensional illustrations to threedimensional objects - they substantiate their thoughts through humor and irony, which fuel curiosity and ignite minds.



WIRED Germany Magazine, Converse, Olympus Camera, Lane Crawford, Milk Magazine, MilkX Magazine and more.


2012 “Word of Mouth”, presented by The Black Store, Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong

2012 “Women Just Don’t Get It”, HKID Gallery, Hong Kong

2013 “101 More Days of Printmaking”, Concourse Gallery, London

2014 “HIJACK”, presented by The Black Store, Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong

2014 “Affordable Art Fair – Young Talent Hong Kong”, Hong Kong

2014 “10 Cents Store: Kickstart Exhibition”, presented by The Black Store, Hong Kong

2014 “FROM 3G TO 4G”, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong

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