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Artist | Joachim Loesener

Illustration / Graffiti Art

France / Prague

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About Joachim Loesener

Joachim hails from the Alsatian valley of Strasbourg, France. He grew up on a steady diet of cheese, sausages and couscous. Liberated in Shanghai, survived through Phnom Penh, Joachim now finds himself at the top of his game in Hong Kong. He enjoys combing through his mound of brushes and pencils fantasizing endless possibilities. He wants to be a) rich. B) famous. C) preferably both, but creating is a good start for him actually.

Artist Statement

From Storyboarding, to writting scenarios, draw character design,develop 3d animations, and illustrate your walls, my art boils in a “méli-mélo”(1) that creates a multitude of combinations, a sort of Labyrinth of shapes and colors where my characters and scenes are evolving. Having all those tools and knowledge brings me to constantly look for a new way to express an own and unique identity for each illustration or character I come up with. I ve recently found drawings of my childhood ; simple shapes and other sketches that resonate adequately to the expressivity of my current works; discovery that comforts an harmonious continuitee in my research, I believe.

My intention is to let an open window to alternatives, for the viewers to tell themselves their own story about the scenes I create. I think that sometimes adding more details open to interpretation and criticism; simple is good too though. If I had to describe in a few words “the how” of my art I would use terms such as " fascination with details ", " conscientiously drafty ", " expressively joyful ." Oh and I almost forgot! I love “monstruously cute monsters”. Don’t you?

(1) Meli melo = mish mash


About Me

My name is Joachim Loesener and I am a CG addict. Over the years, not only have my skills improved but my thirst to learn has also grown and keeps growing. I am full of energy and I invest mysel in my passion. I am capable of effectively solving problems using my own initiative. Creative, passionate and persistent, I am fully devoted to the achievement of a well done job. I can even forget to sleep, whenever it is necessary, and fully commit to a studio and its projects. Highly motivated by team work, I can adapt to a group dynamics in order to achieve the expected tasks and always meet my deadlines.

Career Objectives

As a CG-Generalist with comprehensive knowledge in all areas of 3D-Production, my desire is to obtain a meaningful and challenging position that would enable me to learn and grow as an artist I'd like to constantly develop my artistic and technical skills and to create the highest possible quality of visual pictures and animations.


01.2013 - Current Hong Kong

Drawing and Travelling and freelancing sometimes

04.2011 - 12.2012 ERCPF Wittenheim, France

Graphic Artist

Printing and Design

08.2010 - 12.2012 DG Makiatto, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Art Director, Damstaff - Scenario, Character designs

Art Director, Hip Hop 4 Kidz - 3D Models, storyboard scenario

12.2009 - 08.2010 ASIA TOUR

Travelled to New Zealand, Australia, Thailande, Laos, south of China, Cambodia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong during 8 months

01.2009 - 12.2009 JCDecaux, Shanghai, China

Project Manager, Customers: Nike, Apple, Rebook, Coca cola, Visa, Burger King, Tropicana...

Animations for Shanghai's airport, subway & bus

04.2008 - 10.2008 Freelance, Shanghai, China

3D Animator/modeler Buildoo - Architecture animation

3D modeler Preppy - Model Characters Animate camera

01.2007 - 10.2008 Mediasia Interactivce, Shanghai, China

2D animator Xpert Films - 2D animation of a gorilla by rotoscopie

3D modeler Mapville - modelling and anim of Paris monuments

3D Animator Lighthouse real Estate - Environments anim

3D artist Gaex - Model scenes and characters in 3D

Graphic Artist Accor hotels - Design and prints postcards, posters...

02.2006 - 06.2006 Els'Anim, Strasbourg, France

Character Artist "Novecento le pianiste"

Concept and 2D anim on the short cut

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