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Artist | C. Kenneth Lee

Painting/ Drawing

Hong Kong


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About C. Kenneth Lee

The America educated Hong Kong award winning visual artist has been involved in various contemporary visual art, painting (ie: on canvas, paper and furniture), digital photography, installations, fashion design.etc since 1994 and worked at the "SOTHEBY's Hong Kong" Contemporary Ink Art Department in 2015 where he also assisted with a spring 2016 auction catalog.

Lee is represented by <BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong> and has won the "finalist award" for the《 「2015新藝潮國際藝術家獎」2015 New Art Wave International Artists Award》(N.A.W judges include Wucius WONG 王无邪  , QIU Zhijie 邱志杰 , Johnson CHANG Tsong-zung 張頌仁, Sandra Walters.etc) ,the《 2014 WFWP Green Fashion Design Competition 環保時裝設計比賽》 "Most Popular Online Votes Award, and many other art awards.

Apart from C. Lee's art work to be exhibited at  The 《"ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW (Spring Edition 2016) 亞洲當代藝術展" at The Hong Kong Conrad Hotel》this March , Lee has exhibited at 
《2015 New Art Wave Expo" 2015 新藝潮---國際藝術學院新進博覽 at The Venetian (Macau)  》 ,《 The 2014 Independents Liverpool Biennial (UK)》.etc
Lee's gallery exhibitions include 《Tate Gallery, Britain (UK) 》, 
 《The Saatchi Gallery(UK)》,   《Art Gallery of Greater Victoria(Canada)》,    《BLINK Gallery (Hong Kong)》,      《MobArt Gallery(Hong Kong)》,  《Room Galleria (Milan,ITALY)》 ,  《Nock Art Lease Gallery (Hong Kong)》 ,  《Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library Art Gallery ( Novosibirsk, RUSSIA) 》, 《Biblioteca di Roncello Art Gallery (Roncello, ITALY)》 ,  《Q Gallery (Minnesota, USA) 》, 《Northwich Artwork Studios & Art Gallery (UK)》 and other places in Hong Kong and America. 

In 2015, Lee was picked as one of the 2 award winners to create a "one of a kind" concept design for the company "Boxful". The art piece was Auctioned and the proceeds went to "The Sovereign Art Foundation" to help kids to pursue art therapy and to make a difference in their lives.
For this project, an art documentary film was created in November 2015. It was the first time C. Kenneth Lee was ever filmed painting live as well as filmed for his first "aired interview."

Lee has also collaborated with / participated in other visual artists' "Live" Art Exhibitions / Installations / Shows at ( REDCAT in The Walt Disney Concert Hall- Los Angeles), ( The ASTO Museum of Art - Los Angeles ) , with ART BASEL Miami / New York Museum of Modern Art "MOMA" artist T. Oyer at (California Institute of the Arts- Los Angeles ) and various other venues.

Lee received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at (Cal Arts) and has also studied visual arts at 《 California Institute of the Arts》, 《 HK Polytechnic University School of Design》, 《 Hong Kong Arts School 》,     《 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre 》,《The Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre》, 《 Hong Kong Y-Square》,《The Hong Kong G7 Centre》, and various institutions in Hong Kong, Australia and America.

As a former collaborator with famous filmmaker, performer-composer & artist "MEREDITH MONK," C. Kenneth Lee often cites "Willem de Kooning", "Mark Rothko", Andy Warhol, Patrick Demarchelier, Diane Arbus, and many others.

****In 2016, C. Lee started the "ROYAL PORTFOLIO"  as a separate collection of repertoire works that showcase his more exquisite
"Neo- Classical/Byzantine/medieval" style technique. Lee began with  portrait painting of (2016) Salvator Mundi {Jesus).
Although Lee has painted more "classical" style paintings in the past, Lee wanted to start fresh and create a separate portfolio that alluded to old masterpieces shown at various  Art Museums around Europe.

    C o l l e c t i o n s ( P u b l i c   a n d  P r i v a t e )

  • Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Victoria, CANADA)

  • Room Galleria (Milan, ITALY)

  • Consiliare Del Comune Di Roncello Art Gallery ( Roncello, ITALY )

  • Novosibirsk State Regional Scientific Library Art Gallery ( Novosibirsk, RUSSIA )

  • Q Gallery ( Brainerd, Minnesota (USA) )



  • - Studied Lithographs Art with Yung Sau-Mui (HK Polytechnic University Alum) at 《The Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre》

  • - Studied Fashion Design Art Illustration with HK Polytechnic University Alumini / professional fashion designers I. Cheung & C. Yipat《            Hong Kong Y-Square.


  • - Studied Polyhedron Sculpture design with M. Leong (Installation designer for Lane Crawford/Affordable Art Fair artist) at 《 HK Polytechnic University School of Design》

  • - Studied Photography with Ambrose Wong at 《 HK Polytechnic University School of Design》

  • - Studied Painting with Philip Hui (alumni of "Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) at 《Hong Kong Arts School》               

  • - Attended and participated in The Architectural Art Sketch Masterclass with Errol Hugh (Architect / 03-08 Chairman of the Academic Exchange  Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects)

  • - Attended and participated in an Asia Society Painting Workshop ( Hong Kong)   

  • - Accepted and participated in The "Paper Mache Sculpture Workshop" at The 《Hong Kong Arts School》

  • - Accepted and participated in The "Cinematography and Film Workshop" taught by former RTHK TV  Producer Ms. Winnie Ho at 《The Hong  Kong G7 Centre》.

  • - Studied contemporary printmaking with a focus on etching, collograph, mono-type and relief print with professional British artistKaren Mead at 《The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre》.


  • - Graduated with "Bachelor of Fine Arts" Degree ( California Institute of The Arts {Cal Arts} )


  • - Studied Graphic Design with a professional designer for Levi's, The Body Shop, Marks & Spencer.etc.

  •   Painting and scarf knitting at "California  Institute of The Arts ( CaL Arts)" the acclaimed American university founded by Walt Disney.


  • - Studied "20th Century Art and Society" (a course that dealt with key concepts underpinning the relation between Art and society) and other various visual arts courses at "California Institute of The Arts ( CaL Arts )" the acclaimed American university founded byWalt Disney.


  • - Studied photography and painting at E.H.S in Connecticut, USA


  • - Lee has also been studying visual arts ( ie: painting, drawing, ceramics, photography.etc) since 1994 in Hong Kong & in America.









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