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Artist | Simone Boon


Hong Kong

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About Simone Boon

Simone, Dutch from origin, lived in many different countries and places from childhood onwards, British Borneo, the Netherlands, Venezuela, Belgium, Malaysia, Austria, and since 2004 she is based in Hong Kong.

Living in ever-changing surroundings, between east and west, has made her aware of the multiple ways in which people perceive the world around them. Understanding and mis-understandings are intertwined with the inner paradigms embedded in each of us by the culture of our upbringing.

‘Perception’ has thus become an important consideration in Simone’s work. Another interest that she explores in her work is how life evolves over time, space and place, and is always in transition, weaving and layering moments into a trace of illusionary patterns.

She works with sculpture, ceramics, video and photography. The fact that ceramics is almost as old as mankind itself while photography is less than 200 years old enhances the idea of being involved with something that surpasses time.

Simone graduated in Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT co -presented with the Hong Kong Art School in 2007, with a major in ceramics and accomplished a second major in photography in 2009. She will finalize her Masters with the RMIT, Melbourne this year September, 2010.

Simone also holds a Master Degree in Theology, completed the Fine Art Academy for Sculpture (Belgium) and is a Qualified Teacher (the Netherlands)

Her artworks are collected e.g. by the Summit Private Club (Hong Kong), Sheraton Hotel (ShenZhen), Harbour Green Club House (Hong Kong), Eaton House Service Apartment (Hong Kong), Hyatt Regency (Hong Kong) furnishing bedrooms, Spa’s and lobbies with her unique photo’s, and by private collectors.

A videoclip of her was among the selection of Hong Kong for the “Cityoneminutes” a Project of the Rietveld Arsenale, exhibited in the Venice Biennale 2009 and in the World Expo in Shanghai 2010.



2008- 2010

Master of Fine Art Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School)


Bachelor of Fine Art in Ceramics with Distinction

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School)


M.DIV & Master in Christian Studies

Theological Faculty, Baptist Seminary, Penang, Malaysia

1995 –1997

Joining Sculpture Program for students of the University Sains

Malaysia, Penang (E.g. Bronze casting in old Indonesian way, sand casting, Site Specific Art).

Art courses in Chinese Ink painting, Calligraphy, Multi Media and

Photography with the Equator Academy of Fine Art, Penang


First Candidature 3 D Design -Ceramics, with honors.

Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp, Belgium. (1994, move to Malaysia)


Certificated Specialization Grade Royal Academy of Fine Art,

Sculpture. & Ceramics. Dendermonde, Belgium


Diploma Qualified Teacher Primary School (EQ Bachelor Degree)

Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

EXHIBITIONS / Going Public


-This Way UP, (The thin Line) Graduation Show RMIT HK Art School Pao Galleries, HK

-Feminity Unfrozen Open Studio Project, Saigon Vietnam,


-Synoikismus White Tube, HK

-The City One Minutes Rietveld Arsenale Novissimo, Venice Biennale >Hong Kong

-In between Blue Serenity / solo exhibition YY9 Gallery, HK


-Form & Emptiness Benten Gallery, HK

-New Trends Cattle Depot Art Community, HK

-Juxtaposition Pao Galleries , HK Art Center

-Becoming a Metaphor / solo exhibition Skalli Boutique Central HK


-150 Years Dutch Diplomatic Presence in Hong Kong The Four Seasons Hotel, HK

-Light and Form YY9 Gallery, HK

-Art in Office Space AMCHAM gallery, HK

-Mimesis made Translucent II / solo exhibition Baileys at the Fringe ‘Fotogallerie’ HK

-In Full Bloom YY9 Gallery HK


-Mimesis made Translucent / solo exhibition White Tube, HK

-Still Light Alliance Française, Penang

-Crackers Visual Art Centre, HK


-Capturing the Inner Beauty Joined Photo Exhibition. Alliance Française, Penang

-Sculpture Sleeping Child in Group Show, University Sains Malaysia, Penang

-Site Specific Art Installation. Museum University Sains Malaysia, Penang


- Joined exhibition, (Sculpture in stone and objects in ceramics). Atelier d'a Cote, Leidschendam, the Netherlands.

- Joined Exhibition. (Sculpture Stadhuis (Townhall) Zele, Belgium


-Biennale de Sculpture, Brussel, Belgium



-A Rootless City of Rootless People? about being an artist in a vibrant city... interview by Louise Beltzung. Global View Magazine


-Form and Emptiness Benten 17, July30 – August 30” by Jade Lee Dufty South China Morning Post.

-The Heart of the Sutra: Form & Emptiness by Lee Xiaohui ISh Magazine, 9.4


-Radio 3 Morning Brew. Presenter Phil Whelan. RTHK4

-Café offers art a space in the sun / Taking it to the street for a wider audience by Zoe Mak, South China Morning Post

-Chamber of Commerce is art lover's chamber of discovery by Zoe Mak, South China Morning Post.

- Hong Kong Art Walk.


-The exhibition Mimesis made Translucent Picks of the Week by Jade Lee-Dufty. Sunday Morning Post

-New Wave. An exhibition looks at a new phenomenon of digital expressionism by Himanshu Bhatt. Sunday Times Malaysia, Penang

-Cracker Car Plus / Life Plus. Life + Art


-Capturing the inner Beauty, In City Diary, Malaysia Penang.



Selected for Member Golden Key, International Honor Society. RMIT Melbourne.


Prize V.R.I.K.A. Year Award Ceramics, Antwerp, Belgium


Book Award Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Dendermonde, Belgium



Ongoing Project Feminity Unfrozen, recruiting young women of different

nationalities for shooting Moving Portraits.

Open Studio Program Saigon Vietnam & Workshop for Students RMIT

Saigon 20/04—25/04 at albb Open Studio PI-CHANNEL

31B Lê Thánh Tôn, Q.1, TP. HCM

09:00—21:00 hàng ngày // 9AM—9PM daily

2005 – 2010

Commissions for Clubhouses, Hotels etc. / YY9. Solo exhibitions, group exhibitions.

2004- 2008

Teaching Dutch. Mother Tongue Language Program. International School,

Shoushon Hill & International School Hong Lok Juen.

2001 –2003

Teaching Dutch, mother tongue language Program at 3 Internationals

Schools in Vienna

Experimental Research Project with youth between 14 and 17 years:

Perception of religious buildings and spaces among youth, University Vienna.


Field Research in Malaysian art expressions for intercultural communication.

Making Illustrations for teaching method YWAM.

Workshop, Creating and Directing Shadow play with youth of Orphanage, and International Schools, Penang.

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