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Artist | Lio Beardsley

Illustration & Mixed Media/Collage

Hong Kong

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About Lio Beardsley

Lio Beardsley named herself after a British illustrator Aubrey Beardsley ever since she received his illustration album as her first art gift. Showing her drawing talent ever since she knew how to hold a pencil in her hand and dreamt of becoming an illustrator when she was a school girl.

Beardsley studied in the USA, obtained Degree(BA) in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, worked as graphic designer, yet she started as an full time illustrator since 2003, same year, entered in an Anna Sui Dolly head contest and won grand prize, she had a chance to meet Anna herself and began to work with her ever since. Now her clients included Isetan New York, Maybelline, Vidal Sassoon, IT, Levi's, Sony, Samsung and several 4A agencies.

In 2005, her first illustration book debut titled as "into the Magical World of Delite" by MCCM Creations, also forewords by Anna Sui. Beardsley has been interviewd by innumerable publications such as UK Elle Decoration, Japan +81, So-En, Korea Ceci, Korea Elle, Mini International, DPI, Milk, Cosmo, Jessica, Sing Tao Daily and Sun Daily etc.

In 2008 she worked as art photographer for Sony a900 series, with her illustrations and

photographs featured on both TVC and print ad. Same year her 1st designer bear debut, a crossover design with a traditional English brand " Merrythoughts", limited to 50 pcs worldwide. This year summer, Levi's has crossed over with Lio Beardsley for a series of vibrant coloured tee shirts themed as "Circus" with 5 lovely characters talk about love and friendship that will melt your heart. In 2009 X'mas she has designed 10 characters all made into 3D figerines for X'mas decoration for some local shopping malls, the theme is X'mas Tea Party, promoting friendship, love for animals and vegetarism.

Addition to a long term creative and friend relationship with Anna Sui, Beardsley is commissioned to a new fashion project with Anna Sui childrens line as graphic designer and illustrator which was launched at March 2009 in Japan. In 2010, Beardsley just held her 1st exhibition with her drawings, hand made art pieces and deoration at WTC more, themed as " Dream Eden", all exhibits were made from love with fanciful craftmanship, also a cozy place for her dear friends - animals. Same year Oct she was invited for another giant installation and exhibtion during Golden week by Mix City Mall in China and Little Thing magazine, a well known fashion magazine in China, the theme is "Beautiful World". 2010 she was invited to design a giant X'mas decoration set in an a commercial area Daning in Shanghai "X'mas Magickal Land ". 2011, another X'mas decoration " Animal Candy Factory" at Shopping Mall Coastal City in Shenzhen. She just exhibited her "Fabulous Faces" which at Art Center Day Dream Nation in Aug 2013 and right noe she'll be working for an amazing cross over project with a doll company!

Beardsley made use of her beloved Rococo princess as the main attraction while animals, flower and tree as decorative motifs all gathered around her, this is the beautiful world she is dreaming of and hopfully one day she can wave her magic wand to make dream come true!

Lio Beardsley was deeply influenced by Art Nouveau style at her small age, her artistic guru is one of the greatest illustrators named Aubrey Beardsley born hundred years ago, fascinated by his black and white sophisticated and delicate drawings. Later she also absorbed the 60's hippie style, for she loves the flowery and psychedelic work of art, always consider one of the flower children herself. Feminine, romantic, chic, funny and cutie in a witty way, also with good will to the animals, all these elements best depicted the world of her creation.

Her other favourite artists including Aubrey Beardsley, Saul Steinberg, George Babier, Margaret Keane, Mira Fujita, Makoto Takahashi, Aquirax Uno, Rune... to name just a few.

Now both she and her partner Hei the photographer share a creative comfy working place -Green Studio with 4 folk cats, they are both vegetarians, she is a vintage goodies mania, animal lover, dollies & oddities collector, typical bookworm and never works without music, wellcome to her world!

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