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Artist | Shann Larsson

Painting/ Drawing

Hong Kong


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About Shann Larsson



Shann Larsson is a Hong Kong based mixed media artist, illustrator and formally trained graphic designer. She arrived in Hong Kong in 1998 and has since been living here. Prior to Hong Kong, Shann spent four years in Jakarta, Indonesia, contrasting greatly to her first seven years in Sweden and a short couple of months in Düren, Germany where she was born.

For Shann, the ability to communicate and create a pulse through the visual language of art has always been fascinating – a means to tap into a busy subconscious or experience that cannot always be framed in simple words. Her art largely involves juxtapositions of contradictory elements represented in both an expressive and abstract surreal manner.

Shann's work is inspired by dualities present in humans and nature, from beauty and decay to the ethereal and the unsettling, often sitting right upon the fence of opposing emotions. Dualities coexist, warring for dominance in planes of both realistic and imagined world. It is through this movement that Shann attempts to challenge her viewer’s perception. Her art is a hybrid of experiences in reality and the subconscious and her choice of elements often reflect upon questions of modern society.

Shann's artistic style involves a variety of media. Through the use of vivid colour palettes and textural quality, she attempts to communicate nuances in experience, both gentle and chaotic. The intricate precision of graphic design, the storytelling of illustration and the expressiveness of painting collide to form the aesthetic of Shann's work.





Artist Statement


Shann Larsson is a Hong Kong based mixed media artist, inspired by the coexisting dualities in humans and nature.





2011 - present Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD):

B.F.A Graphic Design 

Minor in Illustration

Anticipated graduation: March 2016 


2009 Welkin Computer Training

Diploma in Graphic Design 

Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop




Hong Kong Education Bureau:

Talent Development Scholarship

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD): HK Staff Faculty Scholarship



Hong Kong Education Bureau: 

Outstanding Performance Scholarship 


2012 - present

SCAD Dean’s List of Honors


2011 - present

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD):

Academic Honors Scholarship

Student Opportunity Scholarship

Student Incentive Scholarship

Multicultural Scholarship

Artistic Honors Scholarship


Select Design Work:

- Freelance CD cover artwork:

2014 Gatling Gun Revival

2010 Craig Key: Walls and Barriers

2008 Dan F: Rendition

2007 A Spring Day Failure: 17 Years Too Soon

2008 Dan F: Rendition


- Video/Film Production: 

Personal Assistant with Dig Deep Entertainment, music videos and film production:

2009 Short Film: A Little Less Conversation by Digger T Mesch – Art Director 

(Set Props, Set Design, Make Up)

2008 ‘Maitreya: Lotaluv’

2008 ‘Blind Generation’

2007 ‘Dead Air Space’ ‘To Build a Home’

2011 ‘Game On’ Feature film - Aaron Palermo featured artwork in gallery scene

2008 Trailer: ‘The Meta Secret’ Directed by Karen Cai – Assistant Art Director


- Freelance Graphic Design:

2013 Alive Not Dead 

Dead Not Alive halloween event 

illustration for promotional material

Naid Productions: 

Accidental Death of an Anarchist 

Promotional martrials

2012 Buzzconcepts Various entertainment 

events posters and fliers

2010 El-Alfy Theatre Co. ‘Orphans’, ‘In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play’(2011) ‘The Comedy of Oedipus’(2013) theater poster, various promotional material

2006 Philip George Salon


- Interior Design: Painting & Graphic Design:

2011 Hush Bar & Lounge 

Logo enhancement and pattern design for the exterior walls

2009 Dharma Den Bar (Hong Kong) Interior decoration and painting



Swedish (Semi-Fluent/Conversational), German (basic), Indonesian (basic)


Select Publications & Features:

2014 Occhi Magazine 

Featured artwork and interview 

To be published begining of 2015, first issue


2013 Heavy Metal Magazine Kickstarter 

Exclusive (USA): Agent 88: The Art of 88 

original artwork created and published in the book, 

based on film directed by Digger T. Mesch

Inspire First 

Featured artwork, 


2012 Catapult Issue # 10 p.80-81 


Louisville, KY (USA)

Brickhouse Restaurant / Cafe 

(Hong Kong)Featured three prints at the restaurant

ArtNois Magazine Issue No.3, 

Los Angeles, CA (USA)


2011 ‘Game On’ Feature Film Directed by 

Aaron Palermo (variety of artwork solely 

exhibited in gallery scene)

Dark Spy Magazine Issue No. 42 

(Germany) Featured artwork and interview


2008 Inside-Artzine – Germany 

(web and print editions: Issue #12 2008, 

Issue #15 2011)

Burrow Magazine –New York 

(web and print editions)

Galleri Magazine


Select Shows & Exhibitions:

2014 Slideluck Hong Kong

Artwork showcased at launch event

SCAD Open Studio 

Four artworks showcased as part of SCAD deFINE 

ART 2014



2013 Asia Hotel Art Fair 

Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong) 

Group showing select work, Voxfire Gallery

Above Second Gallery, (Hong Kong) 

Group Show ‘Juxtapose’ 

Blue Butcher: An Evening of Meat 

(Hong Kong)

selected artwork displayed at event 


2012 Art Takes Time Square (New York)

selected artwork displayed 9 x 12 ft digital screen at 

Billboard premier

Voxfire Gallery, (Hong Kong) 

Beautiful Decay: Joint Art Exhibition, 

Danny the G(r)eek

Voxfire Gallery, (Hong Kong) Challenge

Skateboards: Skate Deck Art 2012 

Sponsored by Skullcandy


2011 Damina Gallery (Hong Kong)

’101 Faithful Friends’ Exhibition (collaboration with sculptor Phil Hayes)

WeSC Hong Kong Jam Session Event at 

Club Fly (Live painting)

Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia (USA)

‘Speaking In Tongues’ Exhibition (Group Art Show)


2010 UFO Gallery (Hong Kong)

‘Dead Art Comes Alive’ (Group art show)








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