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Artist | Tang Ying Chi

Painting/ Drawing

Hong Kong



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About Tang Ying Chi


Tang obtained both DFA and MFA degree from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University) in Australia and BA (Fine Art) degree from Goldsmiths College of the University of London in England. Tang is interested in various issues such as culture, identity, contemporary city and urbanization especially in the context of Hong Kong. Her work ranges from painting to fabric and multi- media installation. Her latest work investigates contemporary languages of painting and digital technology, and the concept of world cities.


Tang received numerous awards such as, Creator-in-Residency, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong (2012), Artist Residency at Faculty of Art, Chiangmai University, Thailand, sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2012), Artist-in-Residence at WCJ International Limited (2011-12), Artist-in-Residence at Lingnan University, Department of Visual Studies (2010), People of the Time at the 60th Anniversary of British Council in Hong Kong (2008), Re-Wanchai: Hong Kong International Artists’ Workshop, by The AiR Association Limited and Triangle Arts Trust (2005), Urban Council Fine Arts Award at the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial (1996) etc.


Tang’s Works has been collected by Museums (Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum), Gallery, library (Central Library of Sydney), public and private organizations, individual in Hong Kong, Australia, China and other places as well.


Artist Statement


The making of art gives us opportunities to think of our living life in all perspectives.


The first serious of work (between 1991 and 2003) was about the experimentation of visual languages and its possibilities of communication in 2D form especially in the context of cultural identity in the political situation of Hong Kong. The work explored both conventional and non-conventional languages together with photographic images and personal gestural lines to depict a fragile, pale and helpless situation of HongKongers especially in the early stage of the series. The sense of paleness or whiteness inspired from the Cantonese opera group – Yam Kim Fai and Pak Suet Sin’s piece of work, and the overall concepts in ways of making comes from some ideas in Chinese painting.


The second series (between 2003 and 2008) which was in fabric and sewing work responded to the western culture’s influences to non-western countries. I chose to go back to the history of Hong Kong in the 60’s or 70’s and visited again the practice of the domestic industry such as garment industry and its symbolic meaning in self-strengthening and self-maintaining in everyday living of general people. These works also mediate and communicate again issues of self/cultural identity but in traditional feminine way.


The recent work (from 2010) goes back to the ideas of painting in contemporary technological world and re-thinking the ideas of Chinese painting as well. The earlier paintings are not made from mental mind but copies painted directly from digital projected images on issue of Hong Kong as international city. This series are attempting to see the complexities of Hong Kong as financial and political territory of the world and China as well.





DFA, MFA (RMIT -Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University , Australia , 2003, 2008)  BA (Fine Art/Hons, Goldsmiths College, University of London, England, 1989) 


Solo Exhibition

2013-present, Let's take a photo, Street people @different locations, Hong Kong             

1.Street people @JCCAC, Nov. 25 2013 - Jan1, 2014.

2. Street people @CCC  Ming Kee College, Dec 11, 2013-Jan 8, 2014. 

3. Street people @Hong Kong Christian  Service Times Nursery School, Jan8-June 8, 2014. 

4. Street people @ Pao Chiu Catholic  Secondary School, March 25, 2014- 

5. Street  people @ Tung Wah Group Jockey Club Rehabilitation Centre, May 21, 2014-

6. Street people @  St. Peter's Secondary School, June 4, 2014 – 

7. Street  people@ PMQ (Police Married Quarter), June 21 to July 31, 2014

2013   These Streets Here Are So Nice - New work of Tang Ying Chi, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong.

2012   Out There , Artist's Studio, Faculty of Art, Chiangmai University , Thailand .

2012  ‘Pure Happiness' at the Artist-in-Residency program exhibition, Hong Kong Convention Centre, WCJ, Hong Kong.

2011  Walk-in Lee Tung Street , L5-05, JCCAC, Hong Kong .

2010   Pure Hong Kong Cloth , Hong Kong Convention Centre, presented by WCJ and Lingnan University .  

2010   Walk-in Tuen Mun, A Residency Project at Lingnan University by Tang Ying Chi,  

2010 , Artist Studio, Lingnan University.    

2008   The Veil , L5-05, JCCAC, Hong Kong .      

2004   Visual Veil – Work of Tang Ying Chi , Exhibition Galleries of Central Library and MTR Central Station, Exit J, ackson Lobby, Artists-in-Neighbourhood Scheme II, presented by Art Promotion Office, Hong Kong.      

2004   Work of Tang Ying Chi , Pamela Youde Nethsole Eastern Hospital, Art-in-Hospital Exhibition, Hong Kong .      

2001   The Invention of Compass , Montblanc Gallery, Fringe Club, Hong Kong .      

2001   City 2000 , Design First Institute Gallery, Hong Kong .      

2000   Selected Work from Red & Orange Series – Work of Tang Ying Chi , The Gallery, Art Forest , Toronto , Canada .      

1998   Red City – Work of Tang Ying Chi , Afga Gallery, Fringe Club, Hong Kong .      

1998   Red Rain , The Mezzanine Gallery, Cecil Community Centre, Toronto , Canada .      

1998   Beauty, Happiness & Intelligence , Fringe Gallery & Foyer, Fringe Festival 96, Hong Kong.      

1995   Power, Country & Citizenship , The Gallery, curated by Liz Wylie, Scarborough Campus, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.      

1995   New Situation , Samuel J.Zacks Gallery, Stong College , York University , Toronto , Canada .      

1994   In The Name of Power , The Mezzanine Gallery, Cecil Community Centre, Toronto , Canada .      

1994   In The Name of Power , Art Starts Neighbourhood Cultural Centre, Toronto , Canada .

1994   Memory & Identity , Hong Kong Arts Centre, Fringe Festival 94, Hong Kong .      

1993   Land, Power & Love , Hong Kong Arts Centre, Fringe Festival 93, Hong Kong .      


Group Exhibition (Selected) 

2013    Tang Ying Chi and Lee Mei Kuen, Carol @ Front/Side Gallery, Tang's Studio, JCCAC, Hong Kong.

2012   Dialogue: an Art Exchange  Meeting @ Leo Gallery, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China. 2012   Hong Kong in Dialogue with  A World, Liu Hai Su Museum,  Shanghai, China.

2012   The 8 th Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, Sejong Centre, Seoul .  2012   Beyond the Painting Screen, New Gallery on Old Bailey, Hong Kong.

2012   A Conversation between Tang Ying Chi and Lau Ching Ping Exhibition, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong .  

2012   Gold, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong .

2011-12 Diaspora – Joint Exhibition of Tang Ying Chi and Ho Chun Ju, A.lift@A116 , Shenzhen , China .  

2011   Strolling on the Water, MOCA Westlake , Hanzhou , China .  2011   Industry and Instinct, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong .  

2011   2011 Pusan World Open Art Festival, Korea .  2010   Art on Caption, session one, by Artlocal at JCCAC, Hong Kong.  

2010   Back to Drawing , curated by Ho Hoi Yan, Carol, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong  

2009   The Thirteen Stories of Portable Art , Art Container Project@Shanghai, curated by Yu Kei Kei and Tang Ying Mui, The Pottery Workshop Shanghai, China.  

2009   Re:animating , curated by Movana Chen, Jockey Club Creative Centre, Hong Kong . 2008   GoYang International Open Art Festival , Korea .  2008   World Open Art Festival , Seoul Museum of Art , Korea .  

2008   Interaction , RMIT Gallery, RMIT University , Melbourne , Australia .  

2008   Art Ascends to the Moon , Metro City , Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong .  

2008   HKAC 30 th Anniversary Exhibition , Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong .  

2008   Hong Kong Celebration 60 Art Exhibition , British Council, Hong Kong Office.  

2008   Hong Kong Celebration 60 Art Exhibition , British Council, London Office , UK .  

2008   Hong Kong Unveiled – Contemporary Art in the SAR , Curated by Eric Leung, Atting House, Hong Kong .  

2007   The Preview of New West Kowloon Exhibition Venue , C&G Artpartment, Hong Kong .

2007   Drawing Exhibition , Too-art, Hong Kong .  

2007   HamoNow3D & Installation Art Exhibition , Curated by Chu Tat Shing and Eric Leung, Artist Commune, Hong Kong .  

2007   HistoriCITY – Art Historical Writing in and on Hong Kong , Curated by Jaspar Lau, at Asia Art Achive.  

2007   Cursive , Mixed Media Art Exchange Exhibition, Artist Commune, Presented by Artist Commune and Tenri Cultural Institute, Curated by Dr. Shin-yi Yang and Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos, Hong Kong.  

2007   Megartstore , Hong Kong Heritage Museum , Hong Kong .  

2006   15 th Hong Kong Art Biennial , Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong.  

2006   The Splendor of Beauty in His Land , The 2nd Chung Chi Christian Festival, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  

2006   Local East-Kowloon Art in Progress , Open Studio Art Exhibition, Hong Kong .  

2005   Collation , Art Tube, MTR Central Station Exit J, Hong Kong.  

2005   Toy's Story , Too-art, Hong Kong .  

2005   Cross-over,  CUSP gallery, Melbourne , Australia .

2005   Re: Wanchai , International Artists Workshop Exhibition, organized by The Air Association Ltd, co-presented by Triangle Art Trust, Hong Kong.  

2005   If Hong Kong, A Woman/Schema/A Traveller's Approach , 1a Space, Hong Kong .

2004   9th National Cultural Festival Fukuoka , Fukuoka Asian Art Museum & Kyushu Sangyo University Art Gallery , Japan .  

2004   The 10 th China Art Exhibition , China .

2004   Asian Art Now 04  – Las Vegas Art Museum , Asian Cultural Exchange Association, USA .  

2003    Re-mapping of Asia , Hong Kong Heritage Museum , Hong Kong .  

2003    Paysage-Portable , Muti-media Art Exhibition, Ox Warehouse, Macau .  

2003   Asian Art Now in Mie , Yokkaichi City Hall Exhibition Gallery, organized by Asian Cultural Exchange Association, Nagoya City , Japan .  

2003    Embracing The New Century – Third China National Exhibition of Oil Painting , China National Museum of Fine Arts .  

2003    A Time Like This' – Hong Kong Art Centre & Kwang Hwa Information and Cultural Centre.  

2003    Embracing The New Century – Third China National Exhibition of Oil Painting  – Hong Kong City Hall , organized by China (HK) Oil Painting Society.  

2002    Who's Link  – Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, curated by Evelyna Liang.  

2002    Artists-in-Neighbourhood  – Exhibition Galleries, Hong Kong Central Libraries, The Art Promotion Office of the LSCD & the MTR Corporation, Hong Kong.  

2000    Free Tribe , curated by Lydia Ngai, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong .  

2000    Christian Artists in 2000 , curated by Evelyna Liang, Hong Kong Arts Centre, organized by Garden Streams, Hong Kong.  

1999   The Exhibition of Tang Ying Chi, Lo Yat Lun and Sunny Wong , Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, presented by The Art School.  

1999   International Works on Book , Sydney , Australia .

1998   Contemporary Book Fair , Melbourne , Australia .  

1998   Century, Women Art Show , National Museum of Art , Beijing , China .  

1997   Reunion and Vision , Hong Kong Museum of Art , Hong Kong.  

1997   Urban Council Fine Arts Award Winners Exhibition , Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong.  

1997   Face , organized by Open Studio, The Station Gallery, Whitby , Ontario , Hong Kong .

1997   Hong Kong Art-1997-collection of the H.K , Museum of Art-Beijing & Guangzhou Exhibition, jointly organized by National Museum of Fine Art, Guangdong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Museum of Art, China.  

1996   Contemporary HK Art Biennial 1996 , the 16 th Festival of Asian Arts, Special Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong.  

1996   Face , organized by Open Studio, York Quay Gallery, Montreal , Quebec , Canada .  

1995   Bunch O Printmakers , O' Keefe Centre, Main Lobby, Toronto , Canada .  

1995   Ho Tam & Ying Chi Tang , presented by Autofocus, Robarts Library, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.  

1992   Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition , Hong Kong Museum of Art , Hong Kong.  

1992   City Vibrant , Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong.

1991   Manulife Young Artists Series 91 , curated by Oscar Ho, Hong Kong Arts Centre.  

1990   In Search of Art , curated by Oscar Ho, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong .  

1989   Graduation Show , Goldsmith's College, University of London , England .  

1988   Group Show in Bloomsbury I & II Galleries, Institute of Education , University of Education , England . 


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2012-3      Creator-in-Residency, Design Insitute, Hong Kong .

2012         Artist Residency at Faculty of Art, Chiangmai University, Thailand, sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

2011-12    Artist-in-Residency at WCJ.

2010         Artist-in-Residence , Lingnan University, Department of Visual Studies, January to May, 2010.

2008         British Council – People of the Time , 60 th Anniversary of British Council in Hong Kong .

2005         Re-Wanchai: Hong Kong International Artists' Workshop  2005, by The AiR Association Limited and Triangle Arts Trust

2001         Asian Art Now Award , Asian Art Now, Asian Cultural Exchange Association 1998, 

2000, 2001, 2003 Exhibition Grants, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

1996          Urban Council Fine Arts Awards, Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial, Urban Council of Hong Kong .

1993-2000 Visual Arts Grants, Art-in-Education grants from Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council from Canada.







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