Belonging | Group Exhibition | July 3-5


“To feel a sense of acceptance and security. It is our innate desire to seek fulfillment, a need that we constantly seek to feel loved and accepted.” Featuring 16 Artists: Anson Liaw / Harvey Chan / Kevin Bae / Kelly Hu / Jen Ip / Maggie Wong / Man-Tsun / Chow Lee / Nikkie Lam (faminik) / Caroline Ji / Koanne Ko / Debi Ng / Kanson Lee / Amimi Cheng / Gracia Lam / Ivan Zhao Venue: Project:Art 230 Queen St West 2nd floor (above El Mundo) Opening Party July 3 Fri 7pm till 10pm (Live Drawing start at 8:30pm) Opening Hour: July 3 Fri 7pm - 10pm July 4 Sat 12noon - 5pm July 5 Sun 12noon - 3pm Curated by Ivan Zhao & Harvey Chan This show is to create a platform for the artists to exhibit their ideas about the sense of belonging. As a visual artist, we are on an ever-end adventure to pursue self - expression and step into the endless journey to find our unique creative process. Through the creative struggle, our personalities echo through our makings, and it is inevitable that each art we create, we left a piece of ourselves in it. It is our innate desire to seek fulfillment and enjoy the excitement of creating a timeless piece. Media invited: CCYAA, Art100


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