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Artist | Antoine Rameau

Mixed-media / Collage

Hong Kong / French

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About Antoine Rameau

Born in 1974, Antoine Rameau is a French artist raised between the green vineyards of Burgundy and the legendary blue seas of Brittany.

Having lived in Paris, Toulouse, New York and Glasgow, Rameau travelled the world, exploring cultures, drawing, taking photos and nurturing his passion for storytelling, mythology and human nature.

He first discovered China in 1997, before heading to the Silk Road and Central Asia.

Now in his 5th year living in Hong Kong, he considers this amazing city his home.

Inspired by an eclectic range of sources including comics, Pop Art, Street Art and the Recycled Art movement, Rameau started experimenting with collage early on.

He explored different techniques, from Surrealist juxtaposition to Cubist construction, and slowly developed his unique style while collecting evocative images of mixed origins (namely Western and Asian) and turning them into oniric new visual worlds.

Each collage tells an elaborate story filled with multiple symbols and often satirical messages, which viewers can interpret based on their own experiences.

His recent works draw from a singular combination of vintage photographs, old maps, newspapers and comics.

For the first time, Rameau has created a series of vintage-style collages referring to iconic pin-ups and brands from the 1950-60s' to express “the Essence” of dreams, beauty and desire.

Rameau's work was shown in Hong Kong by:

- ARTEMISS GALLERY (Singapore) at the Hong Kong Asia Contemporary Art Show - May 2013

- CANVAS GALLERY (by SALT): 1st solo show in Hong Kong - December 2013

- B FELIX: solo show - Associated Project of LE FRENCH MAY Hong Kong art festival - May 2014

- PMQ: solo show - Associated Project of LE FRENCH MAY Hong Kong art festival - June 2014

- HONG KONG ARTS CENTRE, since July 2014

Next exhibitions to come this year:

- KARIN WEBER GALLERY (ASSOCIATED PROJECT OF LE FRENCH MAY 2015) 20 Aberdeen Street - Central - SOHO - Hong Kong

12th - 18th MAY 2015 (including Sunday 17th MAY) everyday from 11.00 to 19.00

- GALERIE FRANCOIS MANSART, Paris 3e, France - June 2015

- Gallery of the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE, 1st solo show in Singapore - November 2015

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