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Artist | Diana Howorth


Oxfordshire, England / Hong Kong

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About Diana Howorth

Diana was born in Shropshire in 1964 and has had a lifelong passion for painting. She has studied life drawing, fashion drawing, gilding and, more recently, etching (which she has been studying for the last three years at Putney School of Art). Her mother, Caroline Lees, has exhibited widely and her grandmother and great-aunt were also artists.

Diana particularly enjoys painting animals. She has produced paintings and etchings of animals of all shapes and sizes - from ants to elephants. In 2009 one of her etchings (Bumble Bee) was selected to be hung in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts and was also featured in the Illustrated Catalogue. In 2010 an etching of a giraffe (Bending Down to Drink) was selected for the RA Summer Exhibition. Diana has travelled widely throughout her life, particularly in the Middle East and Asia. She has been commissioned to produce many different paintings and etchings of animals and these are hung in collections all over the world.

Diana is happy to produce both oil paintings and etchings on a commission basis. She would be happy to design paintings to fit into a particular room or decor. She is based in Oxfordshire and Hong Kong.

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