Rebirth | Wendy Tai

Rebirth | Wendy Tai

Opening Reception: 9th Jan 2011 | 4.30 - 6.30pm Duration: 9th Jan 2011 to 29th Jan 2011 Venue: MobArt @ pedestrian bridge at King’s Road, North Point (near the Hong Kong Funeral Home) RSVP:

Category: public installation

The theme of "Rebirth" is to illustrate the transition of life to death and to birth again. The installation attempts to create an approachable atmosphere to suggest a more positive view towards death, especially with its proximity to the Hong Kong Funeral Home. The work uses the natural transition of leaves as a metaphor for the cycle of life - leaves fall from the tree canopy above and return to the soil to become nutrients for young plants to grow. Footprints can be seen along the ground to indicate life as a path and the human trace. The falling leaves on the columns are in the shape of hands to emphasize the elusiveness of our presence, but also our role in sowing the seeds and providing for the future.


German Theologian Eberhard Jüngel states :

“ Life has many facets. The same is true of death.”

In the season of deep autumn and cold winter, fallen leaves surround the face of earth.

What more can we find other than departure and sadness? What more can we see?

When facing death, when grief is expected, is it even possible to experience anything more than pain?

Do the fallen leaves represent life? Do they signify destruction?

Can we face death with courage and wisdom such as the late Professor Morrie Schwartz, who said 'Learn how to die, and you learn how to live'?

Can we understand that death not only teaches us to embrace the final moment; but also how to live life?

The <REBIRTH> exhibition cannot, and will not be able to address the full nature of life and death; it will try to explore and understand, through poetic and rational point of view, the most estranged yet intimate subject: discovering the meaning of life, through the value of death.

Organiser:Eastern District Council | Eastern District Arts Council Co-organiser:Eastern District Office Sponsor:Eastern District Council Co- ordinator:MobArt Gallery Special thanks:Kerry Properties | Society of Life & Death Education


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