The Great Migration | Diana Howorth, Sue Lai and Bonnie Mak

The Great Migration | Diana Howorth, Sue Lai and Bonnie Mak

Opening Reception: 2nd Dec 2010 | 6.30 - 8.30pm Duration: 2nd Dec 2010 - 13th Jan 2011 Venue: MobArt @ Brunch Club, First Floor, 13 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Gallery opening hours: 9.00am – 10.30pm everyday RSVP:

A group exhibition by Diana Howorth, Sue Lai and Bonnie Mak

Category: print, Chinese ink painting, sculpture

MobArt is proud to present <The Great Migration> - a group exhibition by Diana Howorth, Sue Lai and Bonnie Mak, showing a series of artworks with animals as the theme. Various art mediums will be showcased in this exhibition ranging from Chinese ink painting to etching and sculpture.

As the world’s pollution levels rise by the day, the threat of extinction to many species of animal becomes an increasingly urgent issue. In using an animal theme for this exhibition MobArt hopes to bring the tragedy of this disappearing world to the forefront of our consciousness. While Diana, Sue and Bonnie were raised in as diverse places as England and Hong Kong, they all share a lifelong love for animals which they express through their art.

Diana’s print-making uses intricate details and fine lines to express the texture of the animals’ skins. Sue’s traditional Chinese ink works are expressive and show a real sense of humour. The contrast of light and dark, black and white in both Diana and Sue’s works brings out the vivid expressions of the animals.

Bonnie’s rabbit symbolises a care-free, happy childhood. Her rabbit sculptures may at first appear innocent but once you pick them up, you will find that each rabbit has a different weight, which expresses the “burden” each rabbit has. This has a parallel in society today; even though we may look happy on the surface the pace and speed of everyday life inevitably puts many pressures upon us.

MobArt invites all of you to visit the animal world of our three artists in the hope that through this exhibition you may have a greater appreciation and understanding of Planet Earth and the disappearing animal world around us.

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