Henna Warriors | Sara Mush, Joyce Yung and Kenneth Lim

Henna Warriors | Sara Mush, Joyce Yung and Kenneth Lim

Opening Reception: 22nd Oct 2010 | 6.30 - 8.30pm Duration: 22th Oct - 3rd Dec 2010 Venue: MobArt @ Philia HOME, G/F, 5 U Lam Terrace, Central, Hong Kong Gallery opening hours: by appointment only RSVP: rsvp@mobartgallery.com

An exhibition by Sara’s Henna with photography by Joyce Yung and Kenneth Lim

Category: Alternative Exhibition: henna + photography

MobArt is proud to present a whole new form of Art in collaboration with Sara’s Henna. This exhibition showcases two forms of Art: The Henna Art by Sara Mush and the photography by Joyce Yung and Kenneth Lim. This is an unprecedented collaborative project for MobArt and part of our proceeds from the sales of artworks will be in aid of the worst humanitarian crisis in Sara’s home country, the flooding in Pakistan.

Hen.na (noun) The powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair and decorate the body.

War.ri.or (noun) A person who shows great vigor and follows a specific code of conduct which values honor, faith, loyalty and courage.

Henna Warrior: A strong female personality, who is not afraid of the unknown, and is determined to accomplish the goals she has set for herself. The Henna Warrior is adaptable and flows with the path life presents her with, taking on challenges and bending with the curves, yet staying true to her roots and values.

The ‘Henna Warriors’ exhibition ties in 4 months of connecting individuals, crossing borders and exploring the power of the traditional form of Henna Art. This campaign aims to create awareness of henna art and break the boundaries of henna design by invigorating traditional eastern henna with modern art in order to portray the strong personalities of HK’s modern entrepreneurial women.

Henna has always been Sara’s passion, and she is proud to share it with the world. It has helped her adapt to the fast-paced modern world while remaining close to her roots. Because it is not permanent, it allows her to express herself in a reflective and re-inventive way. Henna is her haven.

Sara’s inspirations for this campaign are four entrepreneurial women in Hong Kong who are from four corners of the globe. The patterns and designs on the specific parts of their body represent their strength, vitality and vigor. The designs also draw inspiration from quotes by Paulo Coelho’s book ‘Warriors of Light’ and these quotes act as reflections of the henna warriors.

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