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Venue: ēpöch coffee bar & desserterie, 12-14 Wing Fung Street (Star Street Precinct), Wan Chai, Hong Kong Date: 9th Jun 2010 Time:8.30 - 11.00pm RSVP: rsvp@mobartgallery.com Opening Reception: 24th Mar 2010 | 6.30 - 9.00pm Duration: 24th Mar - 27th May 2010 Venue: ēpöch coffee bar & desserterie, 12-14 Wing Fung Street (Star Street Precinct), Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Toys. What are toys to us? If you ask a ten year-old and a twenty something, you will probably get a completely different answer. But everyone would agree that toys bring smiles – a smile from an innocent kid when they receive toys, purely out of joy and excitement; or a smile from an adult reminiscing the carefree days of their childhood. Toys always knock-on that “sweet spot” in our hearts.

Toys have played a significant role in our childhood. They let our imagination goes wild: toys are no dead objects, they are alive! They play different roles in different scenarios: the astronaut in a space expedition; the cowboy in the wild wild west; the adventurer solving the Egyptian mysteries; the knight that beheaded the evil monster… Toys were our heroes, our partners and our dearest friends.

Kenneth Tsang has never forgotten what joy toys bring, rather he would like to remind all of us through his paintings – his series of life-size paintings of toys. Kenneth said that painting the series was like playing with toys once again – he thought like a kid, imagining all these different scenarios – “what’s the story about?”, “what’s the relationship between the characters?”, letting his imagination run with no boundaries. His paintings are also heavily influenced by the different time period in art history - from the ancient Egyptian time, to the Renaissance, and through to the Baroque period. His light and rich tones, the brushstrokes, the structure and the composition of his pieces all reflect a particular chapter in art history.

Through “We play endlessly”, a solo exhibition by Kenneth Tsang, he hopes to bring you back to your childhood and let you think (and act) like a kid once again! So buckle-up, sit-back & relax and let our time machine bring you back to the good old times – enjoy!

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