PROPHEAD | Thomas Lee

PROPHEAD | Thomas Lee

Opening Reception: 17th May 2010 | 5.30 - 7.45pm Duration: 17th May to 12th July, 2010 Venue: Art Gallery at UA Cityplaza, 5/F, Cityplaza, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Shung, Hong Kong Limited Spaces: 40 Gallery Opening Hour: 11am – 10pm

Category: photography

Art Gallery at UA Cityplaza opens for all moviegoers with eligible movie tickets of UA Cityplaza.

We make things. Then things make us.

Today we use them. Tomorrow we lose them. Later they reappear in our lives, at a flea market, on a film set, and lure us into a distinct time and place and its embedded emotions. They become props. Soon we realize they have the upper hand, forever holding an intimate, irreplaceable part of us hostage. And we learn, in time, all things are props; we have long been outnumbered. At least we own them, we think, until one day we glimpse ourselves through their eyes and catch an opposite picture: we are things in a world they shape; we are their props.

As a photographer and filmmaker I frequent prop shops. Manifested dearly in those kingdoms, the epic yet delicate love story between humans and things always intrigues me. Through Prophead I aim to reflect on the odd cycles and dynamics of that relationship. In each portrait I asked a prop shop patron to be photographed with a self-picked item replacing his or her head. When I raise my camera -- a prop in essence, replacing my head -- I see, via a prop's gaze, an all-props world.

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