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Artist | Flying Pig 飛天豬

Painting / Drawing / Illustration / Animation

Hong Kong

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關於飛天豬 About Flying Pig


Graduated from the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, and has continued to sketch our city of Hong Kong after graduation, focusing on drawings that are related to the community. She has organised various solo shows, and published her first book on drawings of old shops in 2016. Flying Pig is now a full-time illustrator.

2016 展覽 誠品生活(香港) 寫生作品展

2016出版 <老店風情畫> 三聯書店| Joint Publishing HK

2016 媒體訪問 報紙《蘋果日報》港聞 Flyingpig人物專訪 報紙《香港01》 Flyingpig人物專訪 電台 商業電台 903"急急子習雜誌" Flyingpig專訪 電台 商業電台 903"毒檸王國" Flyingpig專訪

2015 媒體訪問



西九文化中心 West Kowloon Cultural District

保時捷 Porsche 誠品生活(香港) The Eslite Spectrum Hong Kong Ltd MG cafe 東京牛奶芝士工場 Tokyo Milk Chinese Factory

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