Together《在一起》| Amimi Cheng

You are cordially invited to the opening reception of Amimi’s first solo exhibition at Blackroom. Light refreshments will be served. You’re welcome to bring along your family and friends to come! Looking forward to seeing you all at the event! 現誠邀各位參與小妹於Blackroom的畫展開幕活動!

Opening Reception: 28Feb 2016, Sunday 3:30pm - 7pm Artist Sharing: 5:00pm Contact: 6687 1581/ Keith 9555 7670/ Jim ﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣ “Together”: Amimi Cheng Art Exhibition 《在一起》: Amimi Cheng 作品展覽 Every day we spend an absurd much time trying to achieve our goals, traveling around from one place to another, reaching different destinations. How much time can we actually spend with our important and loved ones? In Amimi’s first solo exhibition, “Together”, Amimi depicts people who are lives of those living in the busy and crowded city. Their stories inspired Amimi to reflect about life and fate. 每天穿梭在城市不同的角落,上一秒在這裡留下了足印,下一秒就要前進到另一個地點,與喜歡的、重視的、深愛的,能相處的機會有多少,時間有多久?《在一起》展出的作品,繪畫了城市中的人物百態,在狹小空間裡的故事。茫茫人海中,路上能與對方相遇,是因為什麼? ﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣﹣

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