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Artist | Grace Tang Ying Mui

Installation / Sculpture

Hong Kong


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About Grace Tang Ying Mui


TANG Ying Mui graduated with a BA (Fine Art) in Goldsmiths College, University of London and a MSc in University of Westminster. She had worked as an IT professional and lived in London for more than ten years. She is currently working as an artist in Hong Kong.


She uses un-advanced technology, unsophisticated skills and materials (wire and packaging tape, plastic wrapped wire, textile fur, etc) from the industry to build up works and explores the fragile condition of human’s existence, the external and internal boundaries built around people. 


She is working on a project called “A call from the prehistoric time”. She uses the four basic elements in living: clothing, food, shelter and mobility, to explore the way of living and the system in society at our modern age.


She is one of the founding members of MIA (Mere Independent Artists) and award winner of the ADC Award for Arts Education – Non-school category.





Artist Statement


This is an era of abundance of materials and products. All our needs are within the reach of our fingertips. Such a convenient way of living is actually made possible from a very intensive labour force. We are one of the labours. Modern urban man almost work 7x24x365, non-stop like a machine, the society keeps taking resources 

from nature. 


I am working on a project called “ A call from the prehistoric time”. I would assume a role of a man from city, who went back to an ancient forest, and brought back objects she saw to modern time. My attention is focused on the four basic elements in living: clothing, food, shelter and mobility. I like to explore human existence and activities in today's social structure and our relationship with nature, and perhaps through this we can contemplate on our existence and our social phenomenon.


I  use un-advanced technology, unsophisticated skills and materials (wire and packaging tape, plastic wrapped wire, textile fur, etc) from the industry to build up works and explores the fragile condition of human’s existence, the external and internal boundaries built around people.




Selected exhibitions:



Coming Home - Art Container Project Documentation and Art Exhibition, Koo Ming Kown 

Exhibition Gallery, Communication and Visual Arts Building, Baptist University, 5 Hereford 

Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong



 Front/Side gallery @Tang's Studio at JCCAC, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon

 Art Hunting@Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza by MaD, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

 Art Walk Extra at Pound Lane, Sheung Wan



 “Five” - Visual Arts Group Exhibition, JCCAC Festival, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shekp Kip Mei

 The missing link, Venues include the followings:



o Howard & 11th St. ,San Francisco

o Valencia & Clinton Park, San Francisco


Hong Kong: 

o Tuen Mun Town Hall, 

o Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground, 

o Wu Shan Park. 

o Lamma Island.

o Pak Tsz Lane Park, Central.

o Peng Chau Cinema, Peng Chau.



o Kamogawa ("wild duck river"), Kyoto.



o Small alley in Middle Road and 80 Bencoolen Street.



o Majestic Drive and Bridle Walk, Toronto.



o Helsinki.


o Spuistraat.



o Genghis Khan Temple, Mountain Hanshan, Wulanhot City, Mongolia.



o Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.



o Spurling Road at East Dulwich, London.



 HKC Budget art fair 2013, Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong



 Adidas Originals Colliderscope . 1000 £ Bend , Melbourne, Australia 

 Recovery Mode, JCCAC, Hong Kong



 Solo Exhibition: The Sixth Day, Fabrik Contemporary Art, Gallery, Hong Kong

 The 8th Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, South Korea.

 G.O.L.D. Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong



 Yes, the door is opened, JCCAC Art Festival, Hong Kong

 Pusan World Open Art Festival, South Korea

 Industry and Instinct, Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong

 Solo Exhibition: Recycle Destinies,  A-LIFT, ShenZhen, China.



 Feeling Nature, The 7th Gongju International Art Festival, Limlip Art Museum, Korea.

 Back to drawing, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong.

 If you park here, Fotanian OpenStudios 2010 Thematic Exhibition, Hong Kong.



 Window Project, Victoria, Canada.

 Desire, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong. 

 The Thirteen Stories of Portable Art, Pottery Workshop, Shanghai, China.



 Art Containers Project, Hong Kong



 Till the End of The World, 1a Space, Hong Kong



 LEAP ,  Hong Kong



2009 ADC Award for Arts Education – Non-school category






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