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Artist | Lim Dong Lak

Installation/ Sculpture



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About Lim Dong Lak


∙Professor of College of Fine-Arts(Dept. of Sculpture), Dong-A University

 /Director of the Seokdang Contemporay Art Museum

∙Board member of Busan Biennale corporation

∙Consultant of PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival)

∙Advisor of Korean Modern Sculpture association

∙Member of Maison des Artistes (France)






BFA, Department of Fine Arts, Sculpture at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

MFA, Department of Fine Arts, Sculpture at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibition


2013.  5.  5-  6.23         Invited Solo Exhibition -Geometry of Light-,

                                     Galerieverein Leonberg e.V. Germany

2012.  8.30-10.30         Invited Special solo Exhibition in OPEN 15, Venice, Italy

2007.  4.29-  8.30         Invited outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

                                     Baden-Baden, Leopold Square, Germany

2006.  6.  7-  9. 4          La defence “Invited Sculpture Exhibition of Lim, Dong-Lak”

                                     La defence Square & Grande Arche Art Center, France

2005.  4.  5-  4.16         13th Invited Solo Exhibition, Galerie Gana Beaubourg, Paris, France

2003.  8.24-10.24         12th Invited Exhibition of Environmental Sculptures

                                     Chosun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2001.  9.26-10.  8         11th Invited Solo Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

1999.  8.  1-  8.14         10th Invited Solo Exhibition, FOX Art Center, Colorado, U.S.A

1997.  5.23-  5.28         9th Invited Solo Exhibition at Seoul Art Fair Kongkan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1996.  7.  5-  7.11         8th Invited Solo Exhibition at Seoul Art Fair Yewon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1996.  6.11-  7.11         7th Internet Solo Exhibition (http://www.donga.ac.kr/~dlim)

1996.  6.11-  6.21         6th Invited Solo Exhibition, Kongkan Gallery, Busan, Korea

1994.  9.20-  9.25         5th Invited Solo Exhibition, BENY Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

1994.  5.30-  6. 4          4th Solo Exhibition, Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1989.11.11-11.20         3rd Invited Solo Exhibition of Environmental Sculptures

1988. 9.                        2nd Invited Solo Exhibition at Seoul Art Fair Yewon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

                                      Gana Gallery and Hotel Shilla, Seoul, Korea

1984.11.20-11.26         1st Invited Solo Exhibition, Gana Gallery, Seoul, Korea






-2014.02.23                    Seoul Art Center ,Seoul, Korea

2013.12.  3-12.  8          Art Miami, Fama Gallery,USA.

2012.  1                         Art stage Singapore 2012, Singapore

          6                          Busan Art Show, Busan, Korea

2011.  4                         Seoul International Sculpture Festa, Seoul Art center, Seoul, Korea

2010.  6                         Sculpture 2010, Triennale di Milano, Incheon Special Museum.

2009.  8                         MNIMAL MAXIMUM ,Sejong Center,Seoul

          9                          Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

2008.  3                         Karlsruhe Art Fair, Germany

          3                          80 Years of Busan Art, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

         11                         Street Sculpture Exhibition, Chungdam-dong Art Street. Seoul

2007.  5.  8-  5.13          Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

2006.  3.16-  3.20          Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France

          5.26-  5.30           Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

2005.  3.31-  4.  3          Art Paris Musee du Louvre-Carrousel, Paris, France

          5.24-  5.29           Korea International Art Fair ,COEX, Seoul

        10.  6-12                Invited Exhibition of Angers Art Center Angers, France

        10.27-11.  1           Cologne International Art Fair ,Cologne, Germany

2004.  4.21-  4.26          Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, China

          6.21-  6.27           Korea International Arts Fair, Coex, Seoul

        10.22-10.25           Art Paris Musee du Louvre-Carrousel, Paris, France

        11.17-11.21           Shanghai International Art Fai, Shanghai, China

2000.  3.29-  6. 7           3rd Special section of Gwangju Biennale “Forest of Painting, Forest 

of Human”

          9.26-10.25           Gyungnam International Sculpture Symposium

1999.  1.  7-  1.12          Miami Art Fair ,Miami, United States

          3.10-  3.15           Palm Beach Art Fair ,Palm Beach, United States

1998.10.  1-11.30          Busan International Art Festival, Busan Museum of Art, Busan

1997.  6.24                    Special Invited Exhibition "Triangle des Arts" ,Nice, France

          9.  1-11.27           2nd Gwangju Biennale "Public Art Project"

          9.  5-10.12           Nishiharima International Sculpture Symposium ,Kobe, Japan

1995.10.15-10.28          '95 Kanazawa Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan

1994                              Keihanna Festival for Commemoration of the 1200th Anniverary of Heian, Kyoto, Osake, Nara, Japan

                                      The 600th Anniversary of Seoul Metropolis

                                      National Contemporary Art Museum, Kwacheon, Korea

1992.  6                         Invited Exhibition of Contemporary Art

                                      National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1991.  3                         Invited Exhibition of Environmental Plastic Arts in City

                                      National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1988.10                         The 3rd Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art Toronto, Canada

1984.  2.27-  3.  7          Section of Korean Contemporary Sculpture, Tokyo, Japan

1984.  5                         Monte-Carlo International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

1984.  7                        '84 International Art Competition, Los Angeles, United States


In addition, around 200 other international exhibitions and 250 group shows.





∙National Contemporary Art Museum, Kwa-Chun, Korea

∙Hoam Art Museum, Yong-In, Korea

∙Kobe, Japan

∙City of Kanazawa, Japan

∙La defence Square, France

∙Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

∙Taejon Municipal Museum of Art, Taejon, Korea

∙Busan Museum of Art, Korea

∙Mockdong Hyperion, Korea

∙Hong-Ik University Museum, Seoul, Korea

∙MokPo Sculpture Park, MokPo, Korea

∙Je-Ju Sculpture Park, Korea

∙Hotel Lotte, Seoul, Korea

∙Hotel Shilla, Seoul, Korea

∙Swiss Grand Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

∙Capital Hotel, Seoul, Korea

∙Hayatt Regency Hotel in Busan, Korea

∙Nong-Shim Co., Busan, Korea

∙Paradise Beach Hotel, Busan, Korea

∙Dong-A University, Busan, Korea

∙Bae-Jae University, DaeJeon, Korea

∙Soong-Jeon University, Seoul, Korea

∙Metropolitan of Busan, Korea

∙Department Store of Crystal, Seoul, Korea

∙Department Store of HyunDai, Busan, Korea

∙Department Store of SamPoong, Seoul, Korea

∙Hansol Paper-Manufacturing Co. Jeon Ju, Korea

∙Korean Import & Export Bank, Seoul, Korea

∙Han-Il Bank (Main office), Seoul, Korea

∙TaeYoung Construction Co. Seoul, Korea

∙SamSung Group, Seoul, Korea

∙KookMin Bank, Busan, Korea

∙HyunDai Group, Seoul, Korea

∙LG Group, Seoul, Korea

∙Korean Mobile Telecommunication in Busan, Korea

∙Korean Electricity and Communication Co. DaeJeon, Korea

∙Wolsung nuclear power plant, Korea

∙New SamIk Construction Co. Seoul, Korea

∙Public Corporation of Pension of Public Service Personal Management, Busan, Korea

∙SSang-Young Group (Main office), Korea

∙Daesung Construction co, Korea

∙Hanil synthetic fiber co, Korea

∙Central Livestock Cooperative Association, Seoul, Korea

∙Kyungnam provincial government building ,Korea

∙AECL, Canada AECL

∙Busan medical center, Korea

∙Busan farmers' market, Korea

∙Daewoo Construction co, Korea

∙Busan Railroad supply base co, Korea

∙Korean electronic communication center

∙Young-do District office, Korea

∙Carrefour, Korea

∙Dongnam Inst. of Radiological & Medical Sciences. Korea

∙KTX KyungJu Station, Korea

∙Department store of Shinsaegae ,Korea



Professional Experiences


Theory of “CHAIM GROSS” (Graduate School of Hong-IK University)

“Study of Space and Environment of Sculpture” (Dong-A University)

“Signification of Environmental Sculpture in Modern Society” (Institute of Educator in Busan)

∙Proposal on “Research of the Development of Korean-Style City Park. (Monthly Magazine, Environment and Landscape)

 1996.  8         “Research of Cultural Development of Busan the Marine City” (New Idea Forum)

                       “View for 21st Century Culture” (Busan Local Public Servant Education Center)

1994               “The Works of Lim, Dong-Lak” Illust bank (108p)

1996.  6          “Lim, Dong-Lak's Sculpture World” CD.ROM (Ji-Gu Record)

2005.  4.11     Lecture at Paris 8 Uiversity (MFA course for science of arts)

2005.  4.13     Lecture at Sorbonne Uiversity (Ph.D course for aesthetics / Science of arts)

                       Subject: “The World of Sculptor, Lim,Dong-Lak”

                       Subtitle: “Focusing on Sculptures Using Computer Generators”


Professional Activities


∙Advisory Commissioner of Ministry of Culture and Sports.

∙Organizer of Gwangju Biennale.

∙Jury for the Temporary Exhibition of National Museum of Contemporary Art.

∙President of judges in Sculpture section of Korean Arts Contest.

∙President of judges of Public art commission for Korea Sound Culture Hall

∙Chairperson of Busan International Arts Festival.

∙Chairperson of Busan International Sea Arts Festival.

∙Chairperson of Busan International Open-air Sculpture Symposium.

∙Chairperson of Korean Modern Sculpture association.




1984.  2                                 The Representative of the Federation of Artistic Organizations of Korea

1987.  4                                 Jury of the 1st Chang-Won Grand Prize of Art Exhibition

1988.  9.23                            Consultant of the Committee of the Architecture in Busan

         10. 2                             The 24th Seoul Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies personnel

         11. 1                             Art Counselor of Nong-Shim Co.,

         11.19                            Commissioner and Jury of the 19th Art Exhibition of Universities of Korea, Dept. of Sculpture

         12.27                            Jury of Installation of Art Works for the Busan Culture Center

1990.  9.29                            Jury of Busan Miss Tourism

        12.10                             Representative of Korean Art Association

1991.  2.  5                            Commissioner of the 11th Busan Art Festival

1992.  2                                 Jury of the Busan Young Artist Prize

          4.24                             Jury of the '92 Grand Art Concours by Busan-Ilbo Press

          5.  3                             Jury and Commissioner of Kaya Grand Art Concours

          5.26                             Instructor of Busan Kyowon Training Institute

          6.  5                             President of the 6th Pusan International Sea Environment Art Festival

          6.22                             Jury of 18th Busan Grand Art Concours, Dept. of Sculpture

          9.25                             Chairman in Management of 93' International high technology Art Exhibition

 1993-1994                            President of the International Symposium of the Open air Sculpture in Busan

        12.  1                             Commissioner of Busan Open-Air Sculpture competition

1994.12.16-1995.  1.14         Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival(600th Anniversary of Seoul, capital of Korea)

          6.  9                             Jury of the 20th Busan Fine Arts Association Art Concours (Sculpture Exhibition)

         11                                 Former Advisory Commissioner of Ministry of Culture and Sports

         12                                 Former Organizer of the Kwang-Ju Biennale

                                              (subject: Managing international Biennale)

1995.  1.21                            Judge for the Temporary Exhibition of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

          1.23                             Organizer of Gwangju Biennale

          6.21                             Chairman of Busan Gwangan Beach Sculpture Garden Committee

        12.21-1997.12.20          Jury of Busan Architecture Committee

        12.21                             Judge of the Artworks Decorations for the Metropolitan city of Busan

1996   1.  1-1997.  7.  1         Jury of Public Art for Busan

          3.  1-1998.  6.  1          Advisory Committee of the Pusan International Film Festival

          7.29                             Jury of Busan Art Committee

          9.  2                             Jury of The 19th Gyeongnam Province Art Concours

          1                                  Expert Advisor of Busan Architecture Committee

1997-1998                             Manager of Modeling laboratory of Dong-A University

       -2000. 2.28                     Commissioner of New-Idea Forum

          5.29                             Vice president of Jury for the 7th Grand Art Concours of PusanIlbo Press

          6.  1-1999.  2.30          President of the ’98 1st Busan International Contemporary Art 


          6.  1-1998.  6.  1          Advisory Committee of the Busan Cultural Park Commission

          6.  1-1998.  6.  1          Project Member of Busan Museum of Art

          6.  1-1998.  6.  5          Advisory Committee of the Busan Metropolitan Museum

          6.12                             Jury of 23rd Busan Art Festival (sculpture section)

          8.13                             Jury of Busan International Art Festival Symbolic Statue / Arch 


        10.22                             Advisory Committee of Hotel Paradise

1998.  1.  1-2000.12.31         Chairman of International Committee of Busan Fine Arts Associations

          7.  8                             Executive Advisory Committee of Pusan International Film Festival

          8.17                             Member of Busan Art Committee

1999.  1.  1-2000.  5.  1         Member of Busan Presidential Commission for the New Millennium

          1.  1                             Committee of the Arts for the Metropolitan city of Busan

                                              Member of Busan Presidential Commission for the New Millennium

        10.  1                             Commissioners of Gimhae Sculpture Park Commission

2000.  5.  9                            Jury of Busan Fine Arts Associations Art Concours(Sculpture Section)

2001.  3.24                            Sculpture Jury of Sori Arts Center of Jeollabukdo (Jeollabukdo, Korea)

        12.21                             Jury of public art for Millak raw-fish town (Busan, Korea)

2002.12                                 Jury of the Korean Young Artist Prize (Korea Modern Sculpture association, Seoul)

2003.12                                 Jury of the Korean Young Artist Prize (Korea Modern Sculpture association, Seoul)

2005.10.  5                            Jury of “Geumsan Ginseng Yakryeong Open Market Symbolic Sculpture”(Geumsan, Korea)

2007.  1                                 Jury of Gimhae Artwork(Gimhae, Korea)

2008.  3                                 Manager of Bomun Art Contest (Daejeon, Korea)

          4                                  Executive of Busan Biennale

         11                                 Sponsor of Establishing of Busan Foundation Cultural Center (Busan City Hall)

2009.  3.  5                            Jury of Busan Dong-gu office Symbolic Sculpture.

          3                                  Advisor of Building a statue of Choi Yundeok (Changwon, Korea)

        10.  7                             Jury of Ulsan Design Cultural City Environmental Sculpture(Ulsan City Hall)

2010.  4.27                            Jury of BoHai 1300 Commemorative Sculpture (Tongyeong City, Korea)

          5                                  Jury of Busan jin-gu Sculpture for Specific Street (Busan jin-gu, Korea)

          9                                  Jury of Busan Culture Awards (Dept. of Visual Art) (Busan City Hall, Korea)

        10                                  Jury of Korean Land and Housing Corporation Sculpture Contest(Gyeongnam Province, Korea)

        12                                  Jury and Advisory Committee of the Busan Culture Foundation(Busan City Hall, Korea)

2011.  2                                 Art Advisor of Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology

          6                                  Jury of International Residency Program, Busan Culture Foundation

          6                                  2nd jury of the Arts for Busan Cinema Center









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