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慾望JUNGLE | Wong Ping


[From 咩事藝術空間]


“Jungle of Desire”: An Exhibition by Wong Ping
5 September – 15 November 2015
Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday, 1-8pm
Opening party: 5 September, 4-8pm
Address: 1/F, 98 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
(Approximately 3 minutes' walk from Sham Shui Po MTR station, A2 Exit)


We are excited to announce the official opening of Things that can happen with our first exhibition by Wong Ping. 

‘One day, your mother and your partner are trapped together in a burning forest. Your sense of morality compels you to save your mother first, and even your partner, while melting, calls to you gently, “Don’t worry, I am feeling a little hot. Save your mother!” 

At this moment, how desperately you wish that morality be damned; suppressing your own desires, you would exclaim to your mother, “You will wait!” And carrying your partner, you would burst through the forest without looking back. 

You think, if your mother is saved, you will continue paying the monthly family tribute. But if your partner is saved, and if the burns are not too serious, you will very soon resume your sex life. 

You think further, in a world without morals, you would not need to suppress your desire to not pay the family tribute. Would you still suppress desires for incest? 

Standing before the burning blaze, you know from deep inside, that neither of them deserves to be saved by you.’

For the first exhibition at Things, we have invited Hong Kong artist Wong Ping to showcase a series of new short animations that delve into the themes of sex and desire, anger and frustration in the current context of Hong Kong’s unsettling political atmosphere. Wong will adapt the 1960s ‘tong lau’ residential unit into the setting for a claustrophobic relationship, transforming it into a ‘jungle of desire’. 

Wong Ping is an animator and director based in Hong Kong. His work mixes topics such as teenage lust, shame and sexual suppression.

We sincerely thank Lavina and William Lim for generously supporting Wong Ping's exhibition 'Jungle of Desire' at Things that can happen.

Thank you also to Young Master Ales for sponsoring our opening event with locally crafted beer, and to the talented Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garcia for staging a bewitching 'Jungle of Desire' on our rooftop.

‘Things that can happen’ is a non-profit art space located in the historic district of Sham Shui Po, in Kowloon, at the heart of Hong Kong. 'Things' aims to provide a platform for open experimentation and dialogue in response to the rapidly changing social, political and cultural context of our city.

Inquiry: info@thingsthatcanhappen.hk








特別鳴謝 Young Master Ales 贊助本地釀製啤酒;以及 Paola Sinisterra 及 Ignacio Garcia 為我們在天台設計了一個慾望森林。



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