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Artist | Amandeep Rao


Hong Kong



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About Amandeep Rao


Currently working in Graphic Design, I am a local Hongkonger on the inside and an Indian on the outside. My passion for drawing started when I was small. I like to draw directly without making sketches. I am often inspired to draw out of a spontaneous outpour of impulsiveness. My drawings are often done before my thoughts have arrived on my mind. The years I spent studying in HKDI allowed me to practice merging drastic motions and emotions into the secrets and mysteries of a drawing. My style is the result of an indomitable spirit. Welcome to my rootless mind.




現職平面設計,是一個棲生於印度人皮囊內的土炮港人,自幼熱愛繪畫,不愛起稿,靈感往往湧現於思考之前、落筆之後。於HKDI就讀期間習得將氣勢融入畫中之奧秘,配合本身一往無前的繪畫風格, 造就了今天的這個畫展。歡迎光臨本人的思考領域。

















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