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Artist | The Yok

Graffiti Art

Australia / Singapore / New York


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About The Yok


If the artwork produced by The Yok ever came to life, it would be a fantastic army of eccentric, moustached, bike riding Gargoyle-esque creatures who may or may not have connections with Australian bushrangers. 


The character-based works of this Australian-born artist have been spotted on the streets of countries near and far as he's been making his way around the world.


For some years now, the droopy eyes and twisted moustaches of Yok's black-lined characters have been staring aimlessly from Australian alleyways, zines and gallery walls. A yearning to see and do more elsewhere saw him spend time and exhibit in places like Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and London, collaborating with local artists on their city walls.




The Yok, grew up in Perth, Australia, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree and helped pioneer the Perth street art movement before moving to Africa and South East Asia to explore idea’s and new cultures. These travels and explorations have had a long lasting effect on his work. In addition to being accomplished with the spraypaint medium, he also delivers a sophisticated illustration style to his canvas work.


Sheryo hails from Singapore and started painting in the streets in 2005. During her formative years, she developed a distinctive style and subsequently emerged as one of Singapore’s top street artists. In 2008, she started her travels and moved to Cambodia in 2011. Working from a home studio in the red light district of Phnom Penh, she delved deeper into her twisted world of exquisite lines and quirky mythology.


Since moving to New York, the duo have been painting their way up the burgeoning street art scene - Complex magazine’s “Top 10 street artists to watch in 2013 and 2014”, CBS NY’s “6 women street artists you should know”, Huffington Post’s “25 Street artists from around the world who are shaking up public art” & Deitch’s “Women on the walls” exhibition at Art Basel Miami. They have been travelling and exhibiting together around the world since 2011.


Some press articles accumulated over the previous months about our work as street artists. Please click on red links to read articles. .


1. Huffington Post

“25 Street artists from around the world who are shaking up public art”

14 May 2014



2. Vandalog

“Ladies run Basel with women on the walls”

11 Dec 2013



3. Fusion TV

“Women are breaking into the boys’ club of street art”

5 Dec 2013



4. CBS News New York

“6 Women street artists you should know”

Aug 7 2013



5. Complex Magazine

“10 Street artists to watch in 2013”

Jan 11 2013



6. Complex Magazine

“15 Street artists to watch in 2014”

Jan 5 2014



7. Acclaim Magazine

“Interview: Sheryo”

19 Feb 2013



8. Brooklyn Street Art

“Women rock wynwood walls at Miami Art Basel 2013”



9. Juxtapoz

“Women on the walls at Wynwood walls, Miami”

07 Dec 2013



10. Fatcap

“Interview with Sheryo”

July 29 2013



11. Juxtapoz

“Sheryo draws in Black & White”

9 Apr 2014



12. NY Times

“The writing is on the wall”

27 May 2014



13. Acclaim magazine

“Interview: Sheryo & The Yok”

7 May 2014









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