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Artist | Peggy Chan


Hong Kong


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About Peggy Chan


Peggy CHAN received her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. CHAN’s creation is inspired by daily life experiences and imaginations. Nevertheless there is a huge gap between the reality and the fantasy. Her artworks explore various media like painting, photography, video and installation, to represent the triangular relationship between the city, the nature and her. Her artworks were shown in Hong Kong, Macau, Paris, Thailand and Beijing. Private collectors have collected some of her works. CHAN is the member of the art group ‘Art Together’ which promote local visual arts through a wide-ranging activities focusing on public and community art.





2014 《it’s blue there》Peggy Chan Solo Exhibtion , Fringe Club , Hong Kong

2011 《Far Around》Peggy Chan Solo Exhibtion , Fringe Club , Hong Kong



2014 《Asia International Art Exhibition 2014 Green-growth》Incheon Culture & Arts Center  , Korea

2013 《Small Landscape-The Art Journey of 3 Macau Artists》MGM  , Macau

2013 《Autumn Salon 2013》Fundação Oriente / AFA , Macau

2013   《1/3 .VIEWS》The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School , Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2013 《Sparkle! Art for Future》Oil Street , Hong Kong

2013 《Blueprint》Galerie Bièvre Mairie du 13e, Paris 

2013 《Nature is nature is not nature》Signature Fine Arts Gallery , Beijing

2012 《Hawkerama II Art Exhibition》Detour2012 Wan chai Police Station , Hong Kong

2012 《Autumn Salon 2012》Fundação Oriente / AFA , Macau

2012 《The Art of City Life in the eyes 》Beijing Gallery Week , Beijing

2012 《HONG KONG AUGUST - In the Mood for Art》Signature Fine Arts Gallery , Beijing

2012 《Hawkerama Art Exhibition》Fa Yuen Street , Hong Kong

2012 《LINES – Joint Exhibition of Five Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan young 

artists》Signature Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing

2012 《Free Individual Travel… How Much Free? 》A Contemporary Art Exhibition ,OX 

Warehouse Armazem de Boi , Macau

2011 《Parade in Inner Harbour》Macau Fringe 2011 , Macau

2010 《Art for Survival》Installation Art Exhibition , OX Warehouse Armazem de Boi , Macau

2010 《Cooooo…L Grad-Show! 》Youth Square , Hong Kong 

2010 《New Trend 2010》Cattle Dopt Artist Commune, Hong Kong

2010 《The Ever-changing Coastline》Contemporary Artwork Exhibition, OX Warehouse 

Armazem de Boi , Macau

2010 《Art Habitat》Hong Kong Arts Centre

2010   《This Way Up》 Bachelor of Art (Fine Art)Graduation Exhibition , Hong Kong Arts 


2009 《Eyes To The World》Sunshine City Plaza,Ma On Shan, Metro City Plaza,  Tseung 

Kwan O, Hong Kong

2009 《Remain》3PM Records , Hong Kong

2009    《Ox Re-exhibition in the Year of the ox – Our Memories and Wishes Special Creative Exhibition》OX Warehouse Armazem de Boi , Macau

2008 《NEW Expression, NEW Vision, NEW Angle 》White Tube Gallery of Hong Kong Arts 

Centre, Hong Kong

2007  《Post97 art - HKSAR/Artist Commune 10th Anniversary》Cattle Dopt  Artist Commune, Hong Kong




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