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Artist | Tik Ka

Painting/ Drawing

Hong Kong


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About Tik Ka


Tik Ka, Hong Kong artist, he has co-operated with some well-known brands and creative units for different crossover and artistic projects, included 7- eleven, Henineken Beer, Coca-Cola, Nestle coffee, ODM, Plaza Hollywood, Metro City, One2Free, Metro City, Devilrobots, Samsung, Tsui Wah Restaurant etc.


Tikka’s works of art is well – known by wrapping the Chinese paintings and heroes of life histories and stories from the Chinese folk up with fresh, lovable and smiling – face cartoon characters. The characters will come alive in canvas and in the three dimensional artistic creation, which will put on a lively colored clothing for the Eastern Tradition. Tikka hopes to deliver an optimistic, positive, free and easy thinking to audiences by those different characters and stories in his “Wonderland”, particularly opens a gate of the China traditional culture for the young





Artist Statement


Tik Ka’s works hope to deliver an optimistic, free and purely feeling to his audience through his different “So Ha” characters and their amazing stories. Particularly, he wishes to open gates of Chinese traditional culture for the young generation and to let the Chinese myth and folklore continue to be an inheritance.





2009 Journey to the East (Solo Exhibition @Hong Kong)

2010 Journey to Your Soul (Solo Exhibition @Hong Kong)

2010 「正」藝術畫展 (Group Exhibition @ Hong Kong)

2011 HK ARTcomics 2011 (Group Exhibitions @ Hong Kong)

2011 Journey to Fairyland (Solo Exhibition @ Hong Kong)

2012 蘇蝦滿月了!(Solo Exhibition @ Hong Kong)

2012 Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)

2012 Art Tai Pei (Taiwan)

2013 Continuation of the Doomsday Clock (Solo Exhibition @ Hong Kong)

2013 SoHa arrive en France (Solo Exhibition @ Paris, France)







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