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Artist | Chow Lee

Painting/ Drawing  & Illustration

Hong Kong


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About Chow Lee


Born & raised in Hong Kong. CHOW started his career as an illustrator/painter since 1993. Chow is known for his diversified styles and strong work ethic. He works together with advertising companies in brand identity design, packaging, and magazine cover illustration.


Chow has exhibited in Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai. More recently, he was also awarded winner of the Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2014 by the Hong Kong Communication Art Centre.




Name: Lee Chow Ming (Chow Lee) 李秋明


Working Experience:

-1993 - present/ Professional Illustrator/ Chow Lee Illustration

-2013 - present/ tutor/ Creative Multi- media illustration workshops/ HK design institute

-1995-1998, 2005-2012/ tutor/ Macau Polytechnic Institute

-1991-1992/ Freelance Visualizer and illustrator

-1990-1991/ Cover Designer/ Jonesky Ltd



-2009/ Chow Lee Illustration Showcase



-2014/ "港澳插畫交流展 “ /Macau Museum of art - Macau

-2013/ "光輝40 李小龍主題畫展  Glorious 40 years “ / part of gallery - Hongkong

-2012/ “Innerself” Solo Exhibition/ Chic St. gallery - Shanghai

-2012/ "手繪回歸插畫展  back to paint and brush - a hand drawn illustration show” / OOART gallery - Macau

-2012/ “REtroduction Macau & Hongkong Multi - art exhibition”/ exhibitor, Curator/  澳門牛房創意院 ( Ox  warehouse ) - Macau

-2010/ "Heroes Illustration exhibition” / exhibitor, Curator / 
part of gallery - Hongkong

-2000/ "The Society of Korea illusart ( Soki) Exhibition” / Korea

-1999/ " The New Era of illustration” /
Hongkong Society illustration group exhibition/ Hongkong

-1998/ "Macau & Hongkong illustrator’ works exhibition” / Macau

-1996/ " Illustration works by 31 illustrator” / HK illustrator group exhibition / Hongkong


Professional / Community organisation:

-1999/ Member of Hong Kong Society of illustrator - Founding Member

-2012 - 2014/ Vice- chairman of Hong Kong Society of illustrator



-2014/ “Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2014"

-2010/ “The best illustration ( Advertising ) Award” The 1st Greater China Illustration Awards Competition Hongkong

-2004/ The Longyin Review/  the best illustration

-1998/ Communication Arts (Illustration Annual Edition)/  the best illustration






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