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Artist | Vivian Ching

Painting/ Drawing

Hong Kong


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About Vivian Ching


Vivian Ching is a Hong Kong-based artist who specializes in abstract paintings through signature use of bold colors and imagery to express “happy” life philosophies. Having lived in various continents around the world while maintaining a diverse professional background including a PhD in Operations Management currently in progress from University of Warwick (UK) as well as other degrees in Finance, Economics, Anthropology and Law; Vivian draws on such wide-ranging experiences as the main inspiration behind her unique artwork. With 8 art exhibitions and 3 charity auctions held in 2 years, Vivian’s paintings have been sold internationally and are regularly featured in newspapers (Ming Pao Daily, HK Headline), magazines (Cosmopolitan 30th Anniversary Issue, HK Tatler, Megalife, Capital CEO), TV commercial/music video (Big John Jeans ft. HK singer Sherman Chung), radio, film and other TV programs (Roadshow, TVB, NOW TV). In collaboration with Canon, she also became the first Hong Kong artist to showcase artwork in space as of September 2014. For more information, please visit http://www.vivianching.com.


Artist Statement


Vivian Ching is a Hong Kong-based artist who specializes in abstract paintings through the signature use of bold colors and imagery to express “happy” life philosophies. As the first Hong Kong artist to showcase artwork in space as of September 2014, Vivian has held 8 art exhibitions and 3 charity auctions within 2 years; and her work is regularly featured in newspapers, magazines, TV commercial, music video, radio, film and other TV programs.





October 2011 – December 2014 (Expected) 

PhD Candidate in Operations Management 

University of Warwick, UK - Warwick Manufacturing Group (Based in Hong Kong)

- Research area: Quality Management, Six Sigma

- Dissertation (Pending): “Applying Six Sigma to the U.S Chinese Restaurant Industry”



September 2012 - Present

International Artist (http://www.vivianching.com) 

- Specialize in contemporary painting with signature use of vibrant colors and abstract imagery to express optimistic life philosophies.  

- Paintings sold internationally at Hong Kong dollars 5-digit value.

- Held 8 art exhibitions and 3 charity auctions within 2 years.

- Extensive local media coverage including newspapers, film, magazines, TV commercial/music video, radio interview and other TV programmes. 


“Art in Space” Project

- First HK artist to showcase artwork in space as of September 2014. Video footage of “Glasses” painting at 120,000ft above the earth’s atmosphere developed in collaboration with Canon and Face In Space Ltd. 


Art Crossovers with Brands 

- Collaboration with FreePho to design new theme room inspired by my “Christmas Present” painting during August 2014 (http://www.freepho.com.hk).

- In discussion to collaborate with Grand Billion, a member of Belle International, to produce new Children’s Shoes Line inspired by my artwork (http://www.gytrade.com.cn).



January 2015 Music of Art Group Exhibition 

Art Gallery – Eslite Dunnan Branch, Taipei

- Exhibition of “Twin Melody” painting in group exhibition curated by Studio 83 and KKBox. 


November 2014 BNI & The Charm Club Art Event 

The Space Gallery – Sheung Wan, HK

- 2-floor exhibition of selected works from “Psychedelic” Collection.


December 2013 Very Hong Kong Festival 

Kwun Tong and Central Pier, HK 

- Hong Kong’s first independent annual festival that promotes arts, music, culture, food, lifestyle and sports in various public spaces around the city. Major sponsors include Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Tom Lee etc.

- Key festival participant; Exhibition of selected works from “Psychedelic” Collection. 


September 2013 Scent of Art Group Exhibition 

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, HK

- Exhibition of “Exclamation Mark” painting in group exhibition curated by Studio 83 and ScentAir. 


September 2012 Yan Chai Hospital Charity Group Exhibition 

So Bali Bali – Central, HK

- Exhibition of “Tree of Life” painting to raise funds for Yan Chai Hospital. 

- Participants include HK actress Elvina Kong (江欣燕), singer/songwriter Peco Chui (徐偉賢), TV Host/actress Maria Chung (鍾慧冰) and former Miss HK Isabella Kau (寇鴻萍). 


September 2012  “Psychedelic” Solo Exhibition 

PubArt Gallery – Central, HK


- First solo exhibition showcasing 13 original paintings with over 200 guests in 2 days.

- Generated substantial funds from sales of Limited Edition postcards and donated to Caring for Children Foundation. 




November 2014  Cosmopolitan Magazine Interview

- Featured in “Rock your Dream” campaign for Cosmopolitan 30th Anniversary Issue.


November 2014  TVB News Interview

- Interview on <<周五搜記>> about my art/space project.


October 2014  British Council Monthly Newsletter

- Promotion of my art/space project launch.


October 2014  Canon HK Promotion

- Promotion of my art/space project launch via Canon’s social media channels. 


September 2014  Ming Pao Daily 

- Interview about my art/space project launch.


January 2014  102.8FM Citizen’s Radio

- Interviewed on <<8,9,10 遊生活(戀在你左右)>> about my artwork, inspirations and life experiences.


December 2013  British Council Website Interview and Monthly Newsletter

- Interview about my attendance as a VIP guest at HRH Prince Edward’s Chancellor Inauguration Ceremony as well as my exclusive meeting with HRH Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex.


November 2013  British Council Website Interview and Monthly Newsletter

- Interview about my career, academic and art experiences.


May 2013  Megalife Magazine

- Article about my inspirations and artwork style.


May 2013  Big John Jeans Advertising Campaign 

- “Psychedelic” Exhibition paintings featured in the TV commercial/Short-film “My Georgia…Love”

- “Psychedelic” Exhibition paintings featured in the commercial theme song MV by HK singers Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫) and Alex Wu (洪杰) 


December 2012 Apple Daily Newspaper  

- Article about sponsorship of 50 underprivileged children to a decent Christmas lunch on Christmas Day


December 2012 HK Tatler Magazine  

- Article about participation in the 2012 British Council Gala Dinner and Charity Auction 


December 2012 Capital CEO Magazine  

- Article about participation in the 2012 British Council Gala Dinner and Charity Auction 


December 2012 Paintings in Music Video  

- “Infinity” and “Question Mark” paintings featured in music video by upcoming HK Christian singer Chintung Tse (謝芊彤)


December 2012 HK Headline Newspaper 

- Article about participation in the Yan Chai Hospital Group Charity Exhibition




March 2014 – Present “Inflection” HK Feature Film Production, Random Art Workshop 

Production Assistant

- Directed by Derek Ting also starring Philip Chan (Veteran HK actor), Danni Wang (Miss NY Chinese 1st runner up, recently opposite Tea Leoni in “Madame Secretary) and Peter Shinkoda (Spielberg’s “Falling Skies”, Marvel TV Drama “Daredevil”). 

- “Glasses” painting featured throughout the film.


September 2013 Cambodian Children’s Fund Gala Dinner and Charity Auction 

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, HK

- Gala dinner and charity event sponsored by Credit Suisse, HK Broadband Network, General Electric and VF Corporation.

- “Exclamation Mark” painting sold for HKD$21k to a private collector; Proceeds donated towards building a new school and sponsoring the college tuition for underprivileged Cambodian students. 


September 2013 Enlighten HK Art Charity Event 

Hong Kong Maritime Museum, HK

- “Infinity” painting and art prints for “Tree of Life”, “Glasses” and “Dolphin” showcased at the cocktail event to raise funds for Enlighten HK.


June 2013 6th Annual Power of Love Luncheon and Charity Auction 

Regal Kowloon Hotel, HK

- “Penguin Books” painting sold for HKD$32,000 to a private collector; Proceeds donated to support the building of orphanages in India and China, as well as renal patients in Hong Kong. 


November 2012 British Council Gala Dinner and Charity Auction 

Island Shangri-La Hotel, HK

- Prominent guests include Sir David Li, Anya Hindmarch (UK fashion designer) and Harold Tillman (British Fashion Council Chairman).

- “Question Mark” painting sold for HKD$20,000 to Keith Griffiths (world-famous architect and Chairman of Aedas, largest architectural firm in the world) for display at the HK Aedas Office lobby.

- Proceeds donated to provide free educational services to underprivileged HK children.


September 2012 - Present University of Warwick (UK) 

International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) – Coventry, UK

- “Camera” and “Signature Spoon” paintings displayed in prominent lobby areas on the first and second floors of the building. 


June 2012 – September 2012 Harbour Metropolis Hotel 

Deluxe Harbourview Suite

- “Glasses” painting featured in an interior design project in celebration of the hotel’s 10-year Anniversary. 



August  2014 Museum of Modern Art, NYC (USA) 

- “Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art” Teaching Certification


April  2014 HK Polytechnic University, School of Design 

Project Judge

- Project Management module as part of MSc in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology degree.


December 2013 - Present Kids4Kids 6th & 7th Annual Writing for a Cause Competition 


- Story-writing and illustration competition for children with winning stories published into storybooks. 

- Judging Panel Member amongst other esteemed education/publishing/art experts.


April 2010 - Present University of Bath Alumni Association 

President (HK Chapter)

- Worked closely with University Administrators to organize events for HK alumnus.

- Generated HKD$21k via charity art auction for British Council Gala Dinner.

- Represented HK to attend HRH Prince Edward’s Chancellor Inauguration Ceremony with prominent guests. Selected for special meeting with HRH Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex at VIP inauguration lunch.

- Represented university to meet British Council Chairman Sir Vernon Ellis at a private HK British Council event.





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