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Artist | Lee Carol Mei Kuen


Painting/ Drawing & Installation

Hong Kong


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About Lee Carol Mei Kuen


Carol Lee Mei Kuen received a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with distinction from RMIT University in 2002 and a Master of Arts (Fine Art) in 2008, she was selected as a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, and is one of founding members of the MIA (Mere Independent Artist) group. Her work was selected for the Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition in 2001, and as 2nd runner up in Phillippe Charriol Art competition. Her “glass series” was thrice selected for the Corning Museum of Glass in New York in 2005, 2006 and 2009. In 2002, Carol initiated an open house of art studios in industrial building, and organized a series of talks and forums on this cultural phenomenon. In 2004, she opened “Too Art”, a private gallery to promote art an collection culture in Hong Kong. In 2008, she is the vice convener of Art Container Project. Lee’s work is collected by overseas and local Museums, Foundations and private collections.


Artist Statement


The works were represented by a diary using paper-newsprint, it is without any colors and materials, only the natural elements-Time & light. The paper is changed to yellow with each passing day and through this process records the passing of time. It is not only a visual diary but also a way of collecting time by measurement. Time is abstract. It is not visible, it cannot be caught nor does it have form or image. We know of its passing through sunrise and sunset. Marks, lines, voids, shapes and forms create abstract impressions on newsprint. This being the evidence of time.


Light transfers time, which is an abstract concept, making visual dialogues on newsprint. The time and sunlight destroy the paper everyday, while it also accumulates and creates new meaning on paper by the new images. It might be an abstract form or it may hold an image of something. Time and light reconstruct and evoke relationships of both people and objects through this process.


“Time and light are piled with contradictions and bewilderment; reconstruction and destruction become inseparable, the ever-flowing journey of the beginning and the end of life, until it reaches the otherness of eternity.”




Born in Hong Kong

2007 MFA in Fine Art Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University/HK Art School

2001 Bachelor in Fine Art , major in painting Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University/HK Art School

2001 Golden Key International Honour Society member

1983-now Chinese painting 



2009 ‘Sending love” was selected in New York the Corning Museum of Glass review 2009

2008 Outstanding MFA Achievement Award was selected by RMIT University Melbourne Australia

2007 ‘Under-layers’ was selected in Macau Art Museum – “ Chinese Abstract painting competition- Beyond the surface”

2006 ‘Robot’s headache’ was selected in New York the Corning Museum of Glass review 2006

2005 ‘Virtual and reality-flower’ was selected in New York the Corning Museum of Glass review 2005

2002 ‘3D Puzzle—R’ was selected in RMIT University & Siemens Fine Art scholarship Exhibition-Melbourne ‘Awakening’ was selected in Philippe Charriol Foundation 17th Art Competition -- HK

2001 'My Childhood Game - One Two Three’ was selected in 2001 Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition

2000 ‘Black and White’ Charriol Foundation 15 ‘The Search For A New Media’ was selected in the sculpture with partner-Anthony Lam of Phillippe Charriol Foundation 15th Art Competition-HK

1999 'Flowers on fire'was selected ‘The 9th Chinese National Art exhibitionChina

1997 was selected in ‘The World Chinese Calligraphy and Painting exhibition --China’

1995 1st runner up of ‘The National Peaceful Cup Art Competition -China’

1994 'Daffodils' was selected in ‘The 9th Chinese Contemporary Competition of Art Exhibition-China (Flower Section)’ 


Solo exhibition:

2012 ‘Threads of Luminosity’ presented by 10 Chancery Project Space HK

2010 ‘Intimacy’ presented by 10 Chancery Lane Gallery HK

2008 ‘Beyond。Luminosity’ Fotan Studio—Loft 21

2006 ‘Under-Layers’ presented by Art in Hong Kong Project - Sino Group 

2004 ‘To set fire and stir wind’ presented by 10 Chancery Lane Gallery HK


Selected group exhibition:

2014 ‘180 Degrees’ Chai Wan Mei Festival, 502 Chai Wan Studio

2013 ‘Intelligence Infinity: Inspiration through Art’ Hong Kong Heritage Museum

‘Sense Making’ Chai Wan Mei Festival, 502 Chai Wan Studio

‘Sense Making’ China House Gallery, Penang Malaysia


2012 ‘Art Fair HK 12’ Hong Kong ‘Inside’Esplanade 10th Anniversary Esplanade Singapore

2011 ‘1x Suitcase’ Spamart Gallery Shanghai China

‘1xSuitcase’Alliance Francaise Singapore

2011 GIAF (Gwanf Hwa International Art Festival) Museum of Sejong Cultural Center Seoul Korea

2011 WOAF (Busan World Open Art Festival) Korea 

‘Forces’ 10 Chancery Lane Gallery HK

‘Art Fair HK 11’ HK

2010 Hong Kong Graphic Art Fiesta 2010 HK City Hall HK

National Museum Ukraine 

‘Next Station’ Hong Kong Arts Centre

‘Back to drawing’ Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

‘Art Fair HK10’ HK

2009 ‘Shore-International Literacy and Visual Art Exhibition’ Central Plaza HK

‘Interaction’ HK Art Centre HK

2008 ‘Glass.China”Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation Munich Germany

‘New Horizons’ Chancery Lane Gallery Art Projects HK 

‘Interaction’ RMIT Gallery Melbourne Australia

‘Master Mind’ MFA Graduation exhibition HK Arts Centre HK

‘Beautiful Journey. Beautiful World Departure Exhibition’ HK West Kowloon Culture District HK

‘Chinese Abstract painting competition’ Macau Art Museum Macau

2007 ‘Ten year images-A gift to HK’ Too Art gallery HK Arts Centre HK

‘Till the end of the world’ 1a Space Cattle Depot HK

‘The Art of Beauty’ Presented by IPSA Time Square HK

‘Variances in Singular’Too Art gallery HK Art Centre HK

2005 ‘Toys story’ in Too Art gallery HK Arts Centre HK

‘Schema: a traveller’s approach—painting /knitting’ 1a Space Cattle Depot HK

2004 ‘Home’ Hong Kong Arts Centre HK


‘Linkage’ Calypso HK

‘Seminar “HK a world cultural city?” by French Chamber 1a Space Cattle 

2002 ‘RMIT University & Siemens Fine Art Scholarship exhibition’ RMIT

‘The Philippe Charriol Foundation 17th Annual Art Competition exhibition’

‘Kai Zha’ Open Studio exhibition HK Ming Pao Industrial Centre HK

‘50’Up’ Graduation Show HK Arts Centre HK

‘ The voice of emerging artists’ Loft 21, Fo Tan Industrial Area HK Depot HK

2001 ‘2001 HK Art Biennial Exhibition’ HK Art Museum HK

‘Wo...Man’ Old Ladies House Macau

‘Studio Regime’ in Kwang Hwa Information & Culture Center H K

‘Girls’ Thing Female Artists Exhibition’ HK Fringe Club HK

2000 ‘The Philippe Charriol Foundation 15th Art Competition exhibition’ HK

‘Hong Kong Artist in Macau’ Macau

' The 9Th Chinese Painting National Art Exhibition' in Beijing Museum Beijing

1998 ‘Vision of Shatin and Sai Kung’ in Shatin City Hall HK

1997 ‘Tomorrow will be beauty’ in H.K.Baptist University HK

1995 ‘Splendor of New Territories’ in Shatin City Hall HK

1991 Hong Kong City Hall HK



Private collection

Philippe Charriol Foundation collection

Search Group collection

Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation Germany

HK Heritage Museum collection


Other Art related activities:

2008-2013 The Vice Convener of Art Container Project

2006-2008 Consultant of Too Art (gallery) HK Arts Centre

2006-2013 Founder of MIA (Mere Independent Artists) 

2004-2006 Founder and art project coordinator of ‘Too Art’ (gallery) HK Arts 

2002 Curated and collaborated The Art Forum with HK Arts Centre the Centre Art School 

Curated ‘Kai Zha’ Studio Open Exhibition in Chai Wan Ind. Centre HK

Organized and published the magazine ‘Kai Zha’ 


Selected Publication:

‘Oasis’Artist Studio in Hong Kong’ Asia One Publisher

‘Thread of Luminosity’ MCCM publisher

‘Contemporary Art in Hong Kong’Asia One Publisher

‘New York the Corning Museum of Glass review 2005,2006,2009’Corning Museum U.S.A


Selected articles and interviews:


2013/11 British Air Line Month Magzine



2012 Art Press 394 November Italy



2010/9/12 South China Sunday Morning Post 10 Arts 

2010/2/2 South China Morning Post Art C6 Life

2010/9 Time Out Magazine



2009/6/ South China Morning Post 



2008 Hong Kong visual art year book 2007-Skirting the borders: a preliminary 

2008 Contemporary Glass Glass.com-Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek 

2008/9/18 South China Morning Post Going Out 3 Arts

2008/1 Beyond .Luminosity-Carolyn Cartier



2007/06/12 South China Morning Post C6-Life Arts

2007/04/05 South China Morning Post – Going out 3

2007/02/06 South China Morning post

2007/01/05 Amy Magazine-issue 168 –What’s hot-p.31



2006 White Text issue 2

2006/11 Transgressions between the art of memory and forgetting.-Pamela

2006/11/19 South China Morning Post-Sunday morning Post- The Review 8 Arts

2006/11/16 Oriental

2006/11/17 HK Magazine-Book p.60 sketch on the issue of gender in HK art- Koon Yee-wan

2006/11/24 Amy Magazine-issue 165 –What’s hot Kember -p.25 

2006/05/10 South China Morning Post C5-Life



2005/08/06 Amy Magazine-issue 131 -Amy’s gallery

2005/06/05 Sing Pao daily News

2005/05/28 Sun Daily E7

2005/03/08 South China Morning Post C2-City /people-cityseen

2005/03/06 Sing Pao Daily News AA3

2005/03/04 Ming Pao Daily News D9-Man Kit Wah-

2005/02/25 HK Economic Journal p.30 

2005/02/23 HK Economic Times

2005/02/19 Sing Pao Daily News 

2005/01 a.m. post-nine - advertorial



2004/03/21 South China Morning Post-Sunday Morning Post- The Review 6 Arts

2004/03/04 bc Magazine March p.41

2004/06/28 HK Economic Times C13



2003/03/21 Oriental E12

2003/03/08 Sing Pao Daily News D02 -Culture 

2003/05/25 South China Morning Post-Sunday Morning Pao -The Review 5 Arts



2002/11/14 HK Economic Times SA1

2002/10 ‘Kai Zha’ magazine

2002/10 Ming Pao Weekly p.22-23

2002/10/09 HK Economic Times C1 Culture-Community Art

2002/10/07 Ming Pao E2

2002/10/02 Ming Pao A14 HK news

2002/09/26 Ming Pao D8 Version-Art& Culture

2002/09/21 HK Economic Times C11

2002/09/18 Sing Pao daily News D6

2002/03 Paroles –Aliance Francaise de Hong Kong (Mars-Avril 2002) p.30-33



2001/06/26 Oriental E11

2001/06/25 Sing PaoDaily News D4

2001/06/14 HK Economic Times A24

2001/06/08 Sun F10





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